The Cadillac Escalade Hybrid Is The Perfect Blend Of Luxury And Green Living

The Cadillac Escalade Hybrid is the perfect choice for drivers who are interested in a unique blend of luxury and greener living. Reduction of emissions and fuel dependence does not need to mean a reduction in style, and this idea is on full display with this exciting hybrid vehicle.

The newest Escalade Hybrid model boasts higher mileage and lower emissions levels than ever before. When the engine is not using its advanced electric motor systems, it runs on the gasoline engine, which features the best fuel economy in its class. Mileage per gallon has been estimated at 23 MPG on the highway and 20 MPG in the city. This means that while the electric engine cannot be used, the vehicle still is doing its part to reduce fuel dependence.

The high quality features that come in a regular gas powered Escalade are not lost in the Hybrid model. Magnetic Ride Control technology provides the smoothest possible ride on any road condition imaginable by adjusting shock automatically.

Eight passengers can comfortably ride in the Escalade Hybrid in plush leather seats that are power-adjustable anytime. For drivers seeking an entertainment system to keep their passengers occupied on a ride, the Escalade Hybrid has an 8 inch video screen for media viewing at any moment.

The Cadillac Escalade Hybrid provides quality features and a level of luxury that is rare in the world of low emission, electric motor vehicles. For uncompromising comfort, smooth handling and driving quality, as well as reduced strain on the environment, the Escalade Hybrid is a perfect choice.

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