The Amazing New 2016 Chevy Malibu

2016 chevy malibu at les stanford chevrolet

2016 chevy malibu at les stanford chevroletChevy has been creating some of the most amazing cars for decades now. The Chevy name has become synonymous with reliability and performance. The all new 2016 Chevy Malibu is a car that embodies all of those features. With available 4G LTE WiFi, passengers can keep up with all of their entertainment and professional needs on the road. This is particularly great for road trips when entrepreneurs or professionals need to take their work on the road.

The aerodynamic style of the Malibu is not just for looks. The stylish look of this car also adds to the performance of the driving which greatly cuts down on gas consumption. This aerodynamic body style helps add to the amazing 47 MPG city with the Malibu Hybrid model. These gas mileages are nearly unheard of when you look into the past automobiles that have been ruling the road. LED running lights add to the beauty of this amazingly stylish sedan. The dual tip exhaust on the rear also give the Malibu a strong stance on the road as a high-performance luxury sedan.

The interior of the Malibu is just as impressive as the stylish exterior. With optional wireless charging, you will not have to worry about annoying charging cables getting in the way of your driving experience. With steering wheel mounted controls you will be able to browse through all of your music without being distracted by your mobile device.

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