The 2014 CTS, Driving Cadillac Into the Future!

2014 CTSCadillac has just released it’s redesigned 2014 CTS, and it is a major contender in the luxury market. Voted as Motor Trend’s 2014 car of the year, this vehicle is a breath of fresh air into what felt like a stagnant, entry level luxury sedan market.

The CTS is a marvel of American technological engineering, right down to it’s very core. The vehicle sports the lightest chassis of any rear wheel drive car in its class, beating the previous model CTS by nearly 245 pounds. The CTS offers a base 2.0liter turbo that produces 272 horsepower, a more refined 3.6liter V6 which boasts 321 horsepower, or the top of the line twin turbo V6, which commands a beastly 420 horsepower. All this power is paired with an ultra advanced eight speed transmission, which allows the twin turbo model to achieve a 0-60 speed of 4.4 seconds! In order to manage all of this power, the car is equipped with an all new magnetic ride system, which uses fluids that are infused with magnetic particles throughout the suspension system, that react to any driving conditions and adjust your ride instantaneously.

The CTS is more than pure power to the wheels. In the cabin you will find the CUE system (Cadillac User Experience), which controls nearly every aspect of the vehicle though a 12.3 inch LCD.

If you’re looking for technology, power, precision and style, the new CTS offers everything and more.  Drive away in one today at Les Stanford Cadillac!

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