The 2014 Corvette: A Refined Brand-New Bargain

2014 Corvette Stingray at Les Stanford Chevrolet the Corvette KingThe road-ready adventurous driver will find the 2014 Corvette with increased get-up-and-go with 30 more horses than its predecessor.  Also, the return of the iconic stingray emblem after a 30-year absence is on both the convertible and coupe. Compared to previous Corvettes, this vehicle is more sturdy, 100 pounds lighter, aluminum versus steel frame, restyled exterior and interior.  Engineering had the driver’s optimal comfort in mind as the C7 was basically overhauled inside and out.  This model is described as fun, fast, and refined.  The Corvette continues its tradition as a luxurious sports car.  The engine sounds somewhat like a race-car, and the steering column is said to resemble that found in race car makes.

The seats are supportive buckets, and sueded seat inserts can be added by the owner. High-resolution displays make operating this car easy on the eyes.  Heated mirrors and seats help soften the cold conditions of a northern winter.  The infotainment system includes satellite radio, so little need to find a new dial position every so often when on a long-distance road trip.  Notable with Chevy, and available with the Corvette, is the OnStar emergency communication system.  This too has earned an excellent reputation since its inception.

The C7 has seating for two.  The drive train is rear-wheel drive, and makes come with either 6-speed manual or automatic transmission.  The road-ready driver will find the 2014 Chevy Corvette reliable, refined…and at Les Stanford Chevrolet, the Corvette King!

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