2011 Chevy Suburban Three-Quarter-Ton: An American Classic

The 2011 Chevy Suburban three-quarter-ton is a classic vehicle that has won the hearts of Americans since it was first produced seventy-five years ago. This Chevy seats up to nine, or with the seats folded down, the Suburban gives you 137.4 cu. ft. of cargo space. With the purchase of the three-quarter-ton model, this Suburban comes standard with a 6.0L V8 that produces 352 horsepower and a whopping 382 lb.-ft. of torque! With all that power the Suburban can tow up to 9,600 lbs. Chevy offers some great technologies in this Suburban. One technology is the wireless Bluetooth, which allows the driver to talk on the phone without physically holding the phone. Turn-by-Turn navigation is available, in which the computer downloads your directions and an automated voice will let you know when a turn is coming up. A DVD entertainment center mounted in the ceiling gives your backseat passengers enjoyment during your travel. Your passengers will also be pleased to be watching their favorite movies and listening to all the action through Bose state of the art speakers! Finally, the three-quarter-ton Suburban means business when it comes down to safety. With a steel safety cage, six airbags, and OnStar (available free for the first six months), the Suburban keeps you and your family safe. However, Chevy did not stop there. The Suburban also features four-wheel Anti-Lock Brakes, a rearview camera system, and Tire pressure monitoring. All in all the 2011 Chevy Suburban three-quarter-ton is a classic SUV that just keeps getting better and better.