Get Behind the Wheel of a Full Size 2014 Impala

2014 Chevy Impala at Les Stanford ChevroletThe new Chevy Impala has a lot of car buyers talking about its exclusive features.  People will undoubtedly appreciate the sheer simplicity of the model, but it does include plenty of luxury amenities as well.  It was recently rated as the Highest Ranked Car In Initial Quality, which speaks to the total package offered by the 2014 Impala.  Most consumers will appreciate how the 2014 Impala can make it easier than ever to enjoy reliability and comfort in a stylish package.

Despite the fact that it is a luxury sedan, it does have some highly functional features for people to consider.  It will incorporate around 18.8 cubic feet within the vehicle, making it easy to bring along all kinds of gear.  The engine can also produce an impressive 305 horsepower, which will allow drivers to get plenty of acceleration over time as well.  This is part of the appeal of these vehicles, since they tend to also feature an impressive aerodynamic design to them as well.

Luxury is waiting for you in an Impala from Les Stanford Chevrolet! Get yours today!

Every Impala will be backed by a factory warranty and 27 point inspection conducted by the manufacturer.  This model has become one of the most popular available under the Chevy brand name, which will add to the overall experience that people may be able to get.  The developers behind the Impala brand have continued to improve on the safety features that people tend to get along the way.  This should give consumers the confidence that they need to boost their results in just a short amount of time.

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  1. GM has done a great job with the new 2014 Impala. The new design is really eye catching and the interior is greatly improved.

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