Exploring The Appeal of the Chevrolet Malibu

2014 Chevy Malibu at Les Stanford ChevroletThe Malibu has continued to be one of the most stable cars from the Chevrolet family.  This is a vehicle that has changed over time to become a successful mid-sized sedan for families.

The current style of the Chevy Malibu is a bit more rounded in terms of style.  There is more of a curved style that replaces the squared look of the older models.  This vehicle is one of the most fuel efficient sedans on the road with 36 MPG for the highway miles.  The Malibu comes equipped with start/stop technology features that helps drivers save gas.  With this feature the car is designed to shut off the engine when the brakes are used without affecting other components.

The Malibu is fuel efficient, but that is not the only thing that appeals to potential buyers.  This vehicle has 10 airbags and this makes the car one of the safest sedans on the road.  It has a 5-star rating for safety features like this.  Other things like anti-lock brakes and the Blind Zone alert also make this car safer on the highway.  The Rear Cross Traffic Alert even increases safety in parking lots for drivers when they back up.

Most people that explore the features of the Chevrolet Malibu are impressed with the innovative technology features.  The Malibu has a built-in 4G LTE hot spot.  The Bluetooth feature also helps many drivers stay connected safely while they are on the road.

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