Escalade Indulgence

2014 escalade at les stanford cadillacBefore the Escalade becomes redesigned in the next few years, keep in mind that the 2014 model is still a stylish and sturdy vehicle.  It still attracts drivers for its many elements that made it so popular when it first launched.  For an SUV, the Escalade is easy to operate and maneuver in tight parking spaces.  With strong brakes it provides a comfortable and smooth ride.

Enforced with its V8 engine, it is full of power.  The Cadillac Escalade can shift quickly and is equipped with a standard six-speed transmission that is automatic.  This vehicle can accomplish the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) assessed 14 to 18 mpg for city and highway driving, which is considered standard.

With enough seating for up to eight, its cabin is manufactured with the highest quality materials. The seats in the front are roomy, comfortable and great for kids who need lots of wiggle room.   Compared to the Escalade’s competitor vehicles it has more storage room.  Even the ESV model has more space and you can remove the third row seats to provide more space.

The Escalade comes with the standard features such as a navigation system, front seats that can be heated and cooled instantly, as well as the second row of captain’s chairs that can be heated.  There is temperature controlled cup-holders, tri-zone climate control and rear vehicle parking sensors with a camera that assists when backing up the vehicle.

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