CUE the 2013 SRX; It’s Cadillac’s Turn Once Again

2013 SRX Crossover at Les Stanford CadillacIt’s Cadillac’s turn to step into the SUV spotlight once again. While the SRX looks more like a station wagon from a Mad Max film than the other plain SUVs on the market it comes packed with features that will be loved by all. Even the tech savvy geeks have to tip their hat to the new SRX.

Why, you ask? Take the new Cadillac User Experience (CUE) for starters. The SRX broke the trend of the increasingly difficult to learn center console computer and replaced it with a minimalistic setup that only has four actual buttons. Rather than clog up the center console with buttons and scaring away the older crowd, Cadillac takes the lead and just so happens to please grandmas and geeks alike.

The CUE system operates much like a smart phone. That qualifies almost anyone as an instant easy adapter. However, the SRX’s new system is so simple that even if you are someone who never used a smart phone you can learn this system in minutes.

In addition to dominating the in-car computer Cadillac added a new Driver Assist and Driver Awareness package to the 2013 SRX. They decided to use the more reliable radar based technologies whereas other similar features have recently been camera based. Radar removes the worry from the driver. There is no camera to watch, no moving picture to be analyzed by software. It just works. Which is probably why Cadillac chose to use it. After all, this technology is to supposed to help assure that you do not run over any children or back into any other solid objects. It does not need to be fancy, it needs to be fast and accurate. This, along with Cadillac’s new CUE shows that they put their best minds to work in creating and enhancing the driver’s experience for their 2013 SRX.

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