Chevy Impala: Offering Peace of Mind

chevy impala at les stanford chevroletChevy is already a trusted American brand. What really makes it American is its commitment to safety and sustainability without compromising comfort, as evident in the 2013 Chevy Impala.

Impala is available with six-passenger seating in some models and boasts a roomy 18.6 ft3 trunk space.  This full-size interior offers comfort and class for driver and passengers.  While relaxing, take comfort in the safety that comes with driving an Impala. Chevy’s StabiliTrak system works preventatively with the driver to help in guiding the vehicle in strenuous conditions, while OnStar is available in the event of an accident.  Impala has six standard air bags, offering reassurance on top of luxury.

Not only is Chevy Impala committed to drivers and passengers, but it is also committed to the environment.  Fuel efficient at 30 MPG highway, Impala is an industry leader.  Ecologic, Chevy’s answer to sustainability and environmental responsibility, benefits consumer and environment alike.  From production to end-of-life, Ecologic plays a key role in reducing environmental impact.  Responsible manufacturing means less waste, resource conservation, and habitat preservation.  Fuel-saving technology cuts down on pollution, utilizes power efficiency, and optimizes fuel economy.  End-of-life recyclability comes down to 85% of the vehicle being able to be recycled after usage.

Impala is still as attractive as ever, but now offers something intangible: safety, security, and virtually guilt-free environmental impact.  Impala still offers upgrades and luxury features, still offers comfort and class, but also offers peace of mind.  Get behind the wheel of one at Les Stanford Chevrolet today!

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