Volt: Chevy’s Electric Wonder

2014 Chevy Volt at Les Stanford ChevroletThe 2014 Chevrolet Volt is being talked about. Whispers are everywhere, and they are all good.

The Volt is a work of technological genius. Plug it in at night, and the electric motor will take you where you need to go. If, by chance, you travel 40 miles or more, the batteries will lose their charge. Don’t fear though, because at that point, the Volt’s gasoline engine will take over, and recharge your batteries. You will have the best of both worlds. Between the electric motor and the four cylinder gasoline engine, the Volt has a range of over 300 miles.

The Volt comes in a five door hatchback model. It is quite stylish. Some of the standard equipment that comes with a new 2014 Chevy Volt includes: auto climate control, stereo with 6 speakers, Bluetooth, and Mylink which is Chevrolet’s info and entertainment system.

So what other great things are Volt owners saying? For one, compared to other electric vehicles, the Volt travels much further on the electric motor which has 0 emissions. They are also charged up with the fact that there are opportunities to receive federal tax credits. These are available because Volt owners are helping the world’s pollution standards, and saving gasoline.

It is well worth running out and test driving a new 2014 Chevy Volt at Les Stanford Chevrolet. You will love the handling and the safety features. Most of all, you will love the money it saves.

The 2014 Chevy Volt – A Gas and Electric Vehicle Combined

2014 Chevy Volt at Les Stanford ChevroletThe 2014 Chevy Volt is able to operate on both electric and gas.  This makes it the perfect choice for any car owner who wants convenience, along with a money-saving advantage.  The switch from electric to gas is both flexible and worry-free.  The 2014 Chevy Volt has added features that alert the owner if the fuel in the tank needs changed.  This vehicle can be plugged into any standard 120 volt outlet, and it only takes 10-12 hours to fully charge.  After the long-lasting battery charge is depleted, the automobile has the capability to automatically switch over to gas mode.  In addition to this reliability, the Volt shows an average of 98 mpg in electric mode, and 37 mpg when ran by fuel.  If cleaner driving is important to those searching for a new vehicle, some dealerships offer a low emissions package.

The 2014 Chevy Volt is designed with keyless access and a push-button start.  In addition, it has a remote starter system.  Customers can order optional accessories for the Volt, such as exterior graphics, mirror covers, and a vehicle cover.  Customers can also choose optional interior features, such as door sill plates and sunshades.

New purchasers of the 2014 Volt can feel confident, because Chevy offers a generous warranty.  The 2014 Chevy Volt comes with a 100,000 mile warranty, and an 8-year battery and component warranty.

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2013 Chevy Volt: Where Performance Meets Efficiency

2013 Chevy Volt at Les Stanford ChevroletThe 2013 Chevy Volt is an impressive upgrade over its previous incarnations, combining innovative engineering aimed at efficiency without sacrificing superior driveability.

Any gas/electric hybrid is first judged based upon its fuel efficiency, and in this regard, the Volt stands at the head of the class. With the ability to power itself up to 40 miles on a single charge, the Volt has a 98-MPG equivalent (1 gallon of gasoline=33.7 kW-hr). Those with a short commute will not have to worry about stopping at the gas station very often, if ever.

With hybrids, there tends to be a stigma that in order to be fuel efficient and environmentally friendly, you must sacrifice power and performance. Thankfully, the 2013 Volt is engineered so brilliantly that the first thing the driver notices is its surprising acceleration, power and handling. This car is flat-out fun to drive.

Among the more exciting features the Volt boasts is the new “Hold” mode, wherein the driver can select which energy source the car will use at any given moment, allowing drivers to maintain the electric charge by switching to the gas generator. This is particularly useful for highway driving, where gas tends to be used more efficiently.

The Volt succeeds where so many other hybrids have failed, proving that power, performance and efficiency can be engineered to go hand in hand.  Check it out for yourself at Les Stanford Chevrolet!

Bolt For The Chevy Volt

2013 Chevy Volt at Les Stanford ChevroletThe new lines of super fuel efficient vehicles are emerging in a surging pace throughout the market and the 2013 Chevy Volt is a major component of the boom. The implementation of its advanced lithium-ion battery enables the driver to drive gas-free for an estimated 38 miles while the vehicle’s on-board gas generator allows for 380 miles of travel on a full tank of gas. Not only is that an outstanding portrayal of great technological advancements, but it also proves to be extremely fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly.

The Volt‘s base model is equipped with a hybrid engine and a direct drive transmission. The safety features includes side and curtain airbags along with stability and traction controls. The vehicle is also equipped with the latest technology’s syncing capabilities with Bluetooth, satellite radio and an optional add on of a navigation system.

Although the car’s features and persona basically spell out electric car, it is not. The Volt is one of the newer line of models that is referred to as a plug-in hybrid vehicle, in which it is powered and charged from electric power and runs on an amount of supply until it switches over to its gasoline-electric powertrain. The 2013 model’s newer options that differs from previous models is the “hold” mode which enables the driver to utilize the car’s all-electric powers when it is most efficient for them to do so.

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2011 Chevrolet Volt

2011 Chevy Volt at Les Stanford Chevrolet in Dearborn, MIThe Chevrolet Volt is one of the most innovative cars ever to hit the market. It is an electric car for those who want to save money on gas and contribute to the sustainability of the environment, but it is also a car that is designed to ease some of the anxiety that surrounds the electric car. It sacrifices nothing a driver expects from a typical car.

The fear that a driver could end up stranded without any way of recharging the vehicle was the primary concern that Chevrolet engineers chose to address. It resolves this concern by including a gas-powered electrical generator under the hood. In this way, if the battery loses its charge, the car can be filled up with regular gasoline, which is used to power the generator and drive the car. This gives you the freedom to use gas if you need to, without ever requiring you to visit the pump.

Most people will be able to commute back and forth to work without ever needing to fuel up, because the electric battery has a range of about 35 miles, shorter than the average commute. Typically, it will only cost about $1.50 each day to keep it charged and ready for use in the morning. It takes about ten hours to charge on a 120 volt line, and 4 hours to charge on 240 volts.

The Volt displays several innovative features. The torque is generated right at the wheels instead of under the hood, and the energy is recaptured by the brakes so that it can be used again. It has a top speed of 100 miles per hour, and even at these speeds the engine is almost completely silent.

The interior of the volt is also impressive, boasting an LCD screen in place of manual gauges, and an LCD touchscreen on the center console.

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The Top 2 Ways That the 2011 Chevrolet Volt Puts You in Control

2011 Chevrolet Volt at Les Stanford Cadillac Chevrolet in Detroit, MII think that the 2011 Chevrolet Volt is an awesome electric car that puts you in complete control. You can use both electricity and gasoline, and you can even change between three different driving modes. Options are great things to have!

1.) One of the key ways that the 2011 Chevrolet Volt puts you in control is with fuel choices. Unlike how it is with nearly every other vehicle in existence today, you can choose whether you want to use electricity or gasoline at any time. Most of the time you will want to use electricity because it is cheaper, more efficient, and will allow you to produce no local emissions. It is good to have choices, though. With other electric vehicles you would have to keep careful track of your range so that you would be able to get home. There are not an abundance of charging stations in the United States yet, so it’s good to be able to use gasoline to extend your range. Chevrolet thinks that options are good, and they certainly provide them with the 2011 Volt.

2.) When you hit the road, the 2011 Chevrolet Volt gives you control with three different driving modes. Most of the time you will probably choose to keep it in normal mode, which is highly efficient, but mountain and sport are also available. Sport is for when you want to have fun or you’re driving in difficult conditions that require every bit of responsiveness your car can muster. Mountain mode is a practical mode for when you are driving up and down steep inclines. The purpose of this mode is to force the Volt to keep enough electricity in reserve for going up those inclines.

Why do people like the Volt application for the smart phone?

With technology always moving forward faster and faster every year, it was only a matter of time before we could manage our cars from our cell phones. Yes, you read that right. Your smart phone can’t toast your bread or iron your clothes in the morning, but it can monitor the car in your driveway.

The all new Chevy Volt is one such car that can be monitored using your cell phone with the Chevrolet Volt smart phone application. Basically it allows you to have complete control over your Volt anywhere you have a cell phone signal. Cool huh? With this application you can quickly check the battery charge in the Volt with a simple touch of your phone’s screen. The application can also tell you how many miles you will get on the Volts current battery charge. It can even check and monitor the Volt’s tire pressure at all times. With another touch of your phone’s screen, you can lock and unlock your Volt’s doors. If that is not enough, you can activate the Volt’s remote start and heat or cool the vehicle to the temperature you want. The Volt application can even email, text, or alert you to not forget to charge your vehicle. If there are any problems with your Volt, the application can directly contact a Volt Customer Advisor to help you with your problem.

Fore more information on the all new Chevy Volt and the Volt Application, please call (800) 836-0972 or stop by Les Stanford Chevrolet Cadillac to test drive a Volt today!

What technological feature sets the Volt apart from the rest?

Chevrolet has put a lot at stake with the all new Chevrolet Volt. While many drivers across the country have been feeling the pinch over higher gas prices at the pump, the Volt might be a vehicle of choice for some people due to its ability to run off of electricity. The Volt has many people talking and raving about its fuel mileage. There is something else that gives the Volt some luster, and that is its technological features.

The Volt offers up a whole new realm of managing performance and power under the hood so you can get the performance you want or need with a simple push of a button. The Volt has a feature that allows you to pick between three driving modes you need at the moment. The Volt has a normal mode that mostly depends on the electricity of the vehicle to power and run the Volt. The Normal setting is also the most efficient setting of the three. The next setting is the sport setting, which will give you a faster response behind the wheel and faster acceleration. With the faster acceleration though, you will loose some fuel efficiency. The last driver setting in the Volt is the Mountain mode. The mountain mode is perfect for driving on steep terrain and constant inclines. The mountain mode allows the Volt to make sure the battery has a bigger energy reserve for steep driving.

For more information on the all new Chevrolet Volt, please call (800) 836-0972 or stop by Les Stanford Chevrolet Cadillac to test drive one today!

Are electric cars, specifically the Chevy Volt, efficient?

2011 Chevrolet Volt

The new question on every potential car owners mind these days is this: is an electric car efficient? The average consumer wants power, affordability, safety, and efficiency in a vehicle. The assumption is that an electrical car wouldn’t have enough power, isn’t affordable, has safety concerns, and isn’t efficient. Today we are going to look at those myths and eliminate the misconceptions concerning electric cars.

We think that one of the best electric cars available is the 2011 Chevy Volt, which just so happens to be the 2011 Motor Trend Car of the Year. Now let’s take a look at the power issue. Can an electric car get up and go with other vehicles. The answer is a resounding ABSOLUTELY! The Chevy Volt has an electric drive unit with 150 horsepower! That’s more than some of the other gasoline cars out there today. What about affordability? Starting at around $32,700, it is very affordable compared to other vehicles in its class. Although it only holds around 9 gallons of fuel, its electric consumption will barely be noticed on your electric bill.

People often wonder about the safety of electric vehicles. Personally one of my first thoughts when these vehicles came out was if it was safe to leave a vehicle plugged up in your garage all night? The answer is yes. It is just as safe as leaving your coffee pot or alarm clock plugged in. The interior and exterior of the car also have all the standard safety features and then some too!

Now to the big question: what about efficiency? The 2011 Chevy Volt blows the competition out of the water in every category and efficiency is no exception to that. The Volt gets the most out of every single charge. It has sophisticated aerodynamics that maximizes and extends the distance per charge as well as the miles per gallon. The closed grille and exterior design contributes to its fuel efficiency also. Even the Bose sound system is energy efficient!

So, come check out the 2011 Chevy Volt and see in person how efficient an electric car really is. Give Les Stanford Chevrolet Cadillac a call at (800) 836-0972 or stop by 21730 Michigan Ave Dearborn, MI 48124 to investigate it on your own.


The Top 3 Reasons Why Owning the 2011 Chevrolet Volt is Better Than Owning an Internal Combustion Vehicle

2011 Chevrolet Volt

In my opinion it is better to own a 2011 Chevrolet Volt than any sort of internal combustion vehicle. The reasons are many, but I think some of them really stand out. You may not realize that buying one results in a tax credit and that it’s really cheap to drive.

1.) It really amazes me that the estimated cost of the electricity needed to power the Volt for a day’s commute is only $1.50. Today, that’s less than half the cost of a gallon of gas. I don’t think anyone can rely on the gas prices these days.

2.) Driving the 2011 Chevrolet Volt is as good for the environment as operating a vehicle can be. How good it is for the environment depends on how the electricity powering it was generated. It really intrigues me that the Volt can become more and more efficient as renewable and clean energies are used more often in the future.

3.) The Volt is even more quiet than many highly insulated luxury cars. It excites me that other non-electric vehicles simply can’t compete with the luxury of quiet that the Volt offers. It’s important to note that on the occasion when the Volt does burn gasoline, there is some noise from that.