Put a 2014 Spark in Your Drive

2014 spark at les stanford chevroletThe 2014 Chevrolet Spark is the smallest automobile made by General Motors on today’s automotive market. The 2014 Spark offers 84-Horsepower with a 1.2-liter, four-cylinder engine and five-speed manual transmission.  Now offered is an improved variable transmission.

This smart little vehicle easily fits four adults (snugly, yet comfortable) and offers a five door easy entry and exit. This model offers varying models and colors including a new pink, lime green, yellow and sky blue color.

The 2014 Spark meets the compliance regulations for the State of California Clean Air Act.

This smart little Spark is sized for city driving allowing easy maneuverable and increased safety in high traffic areas and tight parking. Consumer reviews say this vehicle is fun and enjoyable to drive, while passengers are able to sit up higher, due to the Spark sitting higher.

The base Spark LS offers power windows, rear wiper, trip computer, standard air conditioning, 15-inch alloy wheels, 60/40 split folding rear seat, built in OnStar, simple dash, MyLink connectivity system with Pandora internet radio and Stitcher Smart Radio.

The mid-Level Spark 1LT offers power locks, power mirrors, audio systems with 7-inch color touch screen, Bluetooth pairing, cruise control, steering-wheel audio controls,  satellite radio, different alloy wheels, heated seats,  trim upgrades, GogoLink navigation and real-time traffic application.

The 2014 Spark by General Motors, offers estimated miles per gallon of 30 to 31 miles in the city driving and 39 miles per gallon highway driving at surprising affordability. 

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Escalade: The Finest in Large Luxury

2014 escalade at les stanford cadillacPowered by a V8 engine, the Escalade is a geniusly engineered first class automobile. Six-speed automatic transmission allows for easy, smooth shifting which tops the charts in large sized automobile classes. The EPA-estimated 14-18 miles per gallon economy is right on track for its class. Even as a large sized automobile, the handling is praised by owners as being easily maneuverable and comfortable. The towing capacity of the Escalade is comparable to many SUVs and large sized trucks. There are two basic body styles available including the standard and the long wheelbase. Being a great choice for families or individuals, the Escalade is an object of class and sophistication.

In addition to the reliable engine and strong body style, the Escalade exceeds expectations with its large and comfortable interior. The Escalade has an exceptional carrying capacity for families as well as cargo. With an 8 person seating capacity, this vehicle is ideal for large families and traveling. Extended wheel based models provide even more carge space than the traditional sized. Escalades are equipped with only the most up to date technology including: navigation, Bluetooth, temperature controlled seats and a back up camera.

All of the luxury and class that have trademarked Escalade as one the most desired and equipped SUVs are still present and going strong in the newest models. See for yourself with a test drive at Les Stanford Cadillac today!

Safely Zipping Through Lanes With The 2014 Chevrolet Sonic

2014 Chevy Sonic at Les Stanford ChevroletThe 2014 Sonic is the first car within it’s class that come fully equipped with a turbocharged engine. As such it’s surprising that it’s also ranked at number 9 for being one of the most affordable compact cars of 2014.

As a compact car it performs as expected, it demonstrates good road manners through its responsive steering, and easy handling and runs on a standard 1.8L engine, it also gets great fuel economy, which is an average of 29MPG in the city and 35MPG on the highway.

One of the things that makes the Sonic stand out is the crash avoidance system that comes with it. It features a lane departure arming system that will alert the user whenever they change lanes without using an indicator and a forward collision alert system that will alert the driver when they are approaching a vehicle too quickly while simultaneously preparing the braking system for driver breaking to occur more rapidly.

The Chevy Sonic also features an impressive array of technological features such as the ability to connect your phone via Bluetooth, auxiliary input, remote key-less entry and on star driving assistance just to name a few. Most notable though, is the Chevy MyLink infotainment system that is available on the higher trims which consists of a 7-inch crisp high definition display that extends the capabilities of your Smartphone by allowing you to sync it to the system to enable Bluetooth streaming of the applications within it, such as: the ability to access playlists and other media along with the ability to project phone calls through the vehicle’s speakers. 

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The 2014 Chevrolet Malibu For Optimum Driving

2014 Chevy Malibu at Les Stanford ChevroletThe 2014 Chevrolet Malibu is a midsize family sedan that has an updated interior as well as a very comfortable ride. The trim levels have been readjusted for this manufacture year. The Malibu’s safety ratings are excellent making this a vehicle worth considering this year.

The 2014 Chevrolet Malibu has impressive gas mileage due to the 2.5 liter, four cylinder engine option as well as a hybrid 2.4 liter, Eco Powertrain. There is also an option for a turbocharged engine that provides 295 pound feet of torque. The suspension for the Malibu has been redesigned this year to make for a much smoother ride and better handling overall. The front end of the Malibu has been redesigned this year to make it look more attractive and sporty.

The interior of the 2014 Malibu is impressive and extremely quiet making this a great family vehicle or simply a great vehicle to commute to and from work in. You also receive the Chevy MyLink System, touch screen interface display, voice control, Bluetooth capabilities and more. There is more leg room in the 2014 Malibu than previous models. There is also additional trunk space for ultimate cargo capabilities.

If you are looking for a mid-sized sedan then look no further than the 2014 Chevrolet Malibu. While the Malibu is competing with other vehicles such as the Fusion, Accord and Altima, this vehicle is packed with all the latest options and at a very reasonable price. Test drive one today at Les Stanford Chevrolet!

The Superb 2014 Chevrolet Traverse is a Winner

2014 Chevy Traverse at Les Stanford ChevroletThe Midsize SUV Chevrolet Traverse offers drivers a comfortable ride that allows you to easily maneuver the vehicle over a variety of terrains. Out of 23 different SUVs, the 2014 Chevrolet Traverse ranked and impressive number 8. The midsize vehicles were ranked according to affordability, safety, as well as reliability. Drivers also enjoy the vast cargo space with the spacious interior.

The 2014 Chevrolet Traverse comes equipped with a V6 motor that provides enough power to easily handle the roadways. The Traverse comes standard with a six speed automatic transmission. Traveling along the highways drivers can expect to get 17/24 miles per gallon. The ride of this midsize SUV is extremely comfortable and extremely easy to handle. The accuracy of the steering allows you to maneuver in the tightest of spaces too.

The most impressive feature of the new Chevrolet Traverse has to be the interior. The cabin areas offers the most room in this class. The interior design is very soft to the touch and made from high quality materials. The front seats offer driver and passenger plenty of leg room. The second row of seating is equally spacious, and the third row is perfect for those long distance trips with the kids.

Some of the other impressive features of the Traverse are the HD Radio, Bluetooth, optional MyLink system, back up camera, Bose stereo, and the forward collision alert. This is the perfect vehicle for families who are looking to save money in fuel costs.

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The Silverado 1500: the Best Pickup of 2014

2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 at Les Stanford ChevroletThe 2014 Silverado 1500 pickup offers a number of advantages over the competition. Silverado trucks have long been the top choice for anyone needing a good, tough, pickup, capable of any job that needs to be done.

This new V6 pickup is a great addition to the Silverado family. The 2014 Silverado 1500 is the first pickup to get a overall 5 star rating. Fuel economy is great, the most fuel efficient V6 truck currently available with 23 mpg on highway and 16 mpg in city. Great fuel efficiency has not impaired  power and torque, with a 4.3 Liter EcoTec3, V6 engine, which offers 285 horsepower, and 305 lb-ft of torque gives the most torque of standard V6 trucks in its class. This truck can trailer 12,000 lbs, not bad for a V6 truck. Changes have been made in design of the truck enhancing durability, such as using the new Duralife brake rotors, which have been hardened with a special GM-Patented, process providing braking power, lasting up to twice as long as traditional rotors.

Designed with showy exterior and stylish interior, the passenger area is spacious, yet cozy. Easily cleaned rubberized vinyl protects the floor, central front seat, fold down armrest, and  rear folding  bench seat add to passenger comfort. Modern entertainment technology is provided. Chevy used new shear style mounts in the front end and new hydraulic mounts in the rear end, to ride smoother, and more comfortably.

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The new, fully-loaded 2014 Cadillac ATS: Where Luxury Meets Power

The 2014 Cadillac ATS is a great car for those looking for something entry-level in luxury with the option for power. It is a great vehicle for somebody looking for comfort and style. One thing that makes it stand out against other cars in its class is its handling. It’s ability to round corners surpasses most of the competitors in its class. It has a Tremec 6-speed manual transmission made exclusively for this model.

The ATS is made with technology in mind. It can be synchronized with phones and tablets, plus the ability to memorize up to 10 different devices. The syncing makes streaming music and viewing your contacts a breeze. The CUE (Cadillac User Experience) makes the experience even more intuitive. It provides the ability to handle anything from music to navigation easily without distracting too much from the road. It is the staple for the options that Cadillac brings.

Another great feature of the ATS is its base options. It comes standard with a 2.5 4-cylinder engine and also has a 2.0 turbo option along with a 3.6 V6 for those looking for more. It has an AWD option for those who want to make the most out of the ATS’s impressive handling. It comes in Standard, Luxury, Performance or Premium.

All-in-all, the 2014 Cadillac ATS is the perfect car when it comes to something comfortable, powerful and intuitive. Get yours at Les Stanford Cadillac today!

Chevy Sonic: Outright Perfection

2014 Chevy Sonic at Les Stanford ChevroletThe 2014 Chevrolet Sonic has just about everything:  a resourceful engine, it drives great and it was presented with a five-star vehicle score for safety from the National Highway Traffic Administration.  In addition the Insurance institute for Highway Safety chose it as their “safety pick.”

The usual safety gear for this little gem includes an anti-lock brake system, hill hold function ability, electronic stability control, optimized automatic headlamps, ten airbags and the in-vehicle security system OnStar.  Available as a four-door sedan or five-door hatchback style, the Sonic offers two type of transmissions which are a six-speed manual or automatic.  Its small engine is lively, it handles surprisingly well and the car size is comfortable when driving along twisted roads.  With the ability to adequately seat five, it also has enough cargo area for storage.

Some optional and standard features you will see are a rear camera, a lane departure warning feature, front heated seats, alloy wheels, cruise control, a pair of unique motorcycle styled headlamps, remote car starter, power windows, pre-installed fog lights, air conditioning and XM satellite radio to enjoy on the road.  The automatic and manual models both have the exact wheelbase space, front style details and doors, however the area between the front and back doors are unlike (center pillar). The rear door handles on the hatchback are defined by black trim while those of the sedan are given standard rear doors.

Take a Sonic for a spin! Visit Les Stanford Chevrolet for a test drive today!

Get to Know the New Cadillac CTS

2014 CTS at Les Stanford CadillacCadillac has long established itself as one of the top rated luxury car manufacturers out on the market.  This has added to its overall appeal for many people, who may want to test out the new 2014 Cadillac CTS.  This new sedan has already drawn in a lot of positive attention from ratings agencies.  This is owing to the fact that it combines performance, safety and style in to a single package.  The CTS may be one of the best choices for drivers who are searching for a unique new ride for themselves.

The CTS is a mid-sized luxury sedan that has been manufactured by General Motors.  The company has actually put in a lot of R&D time in to making sure that the model has all the features that people want to experience.  There are actually a few different body types that have emerged from the way that the sedan has been developed.  This is part of the reason why the sedan has won the Motor Trend “Car of the Year” award twice now.

In terms of sheer performance, the CTS is largely unmatched by other similar cars out on the market.  Its V8 engine is actually capable of generating up to 556 horsepower.  This will provide an impressive amount of acceleration for people headed out on to the road.  Drivers may want to customize a few features associated with the engine, and that’s what we’re here for.

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Return of the Z28 moniker adds whole new level to 2014 Camaro Performance

2014camaroblackWhat’s new for the 2014 Chevrolet Camaro?  The race-ready Z28 has a swarm of upgrades. Some of those upgrades include a Corvette Z06 V8 engine, a wider and lower mouth, a compressed upper grille, new spoiler, taillights (one piece) and exhaust tips. There are also optional Recaro front seats (only available for the ZL1 and SS coupes.

Chevrolet has been making steady improvements since 2002 on the Camaro, and the 2014 model is no different. For aficionados and Camaro experts, they will immediately be able to tell that the 2014 model has a front grille that is very sleek, as well as new head and taillights.

The 2014 Camaro has several weight saving measures that include air conditioning (no standard) and less sound deadening material. The Z28 moniker also helps performance with the Camaro with a trick race oriented suspension, special aerodynamic body parts and carbon-ceramic brakes. Under the hood of the Camaro is the 7.0 liter V8.
Existing Camaro models, especially those of the last few years have been equipped with a 426 horsepower SS which was not short on frying power. But the new model is beefed up, stripped out and maximum graded. This car could seem made for the racetrack.

Does all this seem like a lot? If so, just remember that any Camaro you get is going to be a lot of fun! With its big wheels, sleek lines, bulging hood and swollen wheel arches, the new Camaro is a great buy!  Feel its power with a test drive at Les Stanford Chevrolet today!