Get in a 2011 Silverado Hybrid : Ride off into the Future

The Silverado is a truck that has been sung about, talked about, and continues to be gawked at because each year it continues to get better and better and 2011 is not the exception! With a grille that has become a recognizable face to consumers, the Silverado has made its imprint. With a design that continues to progress, the Silverado has become a legacy.The 2011 Silverado Hybrid is the perfect example of this. Now you can own a truck with a payload that always pays up and has fuel efficiency that won’t leave you broke. How fuel efficient is this truck? With 23 miles to the gallon, the Silverado Hybrid competes with many cars much smaller. Which makes you wonder what the sacrifice is, and the answer to that is nothing. Although it offers slightly less towing capacity than its non-hybrid brothers, it still can tow a generous 6,100 lbs. and haul 1,553 lbs. The best thing about the Silverado is, although it is top in its class for fuel efficiency, it still has a powerful ground shaking V8. The kind of power truck drivers depend on to get the job done. So don’t expect a truck that won’t deliver because this Chevy comes early and stays late with the kind of old-school work ethic that you don’t see around much anymore in other car companies. If you want a truck that has its stuff together and helps you in every area of life then consider the 2011 Silverado Hybrid and ride off into the future.