Escalade Indulgence

2014 escalade at les stanford cadillacBefore the Escalade becomes redesigned in the next few years, keep in mind that the 2014 model is still a stylish and sturdy vehicle.  It still attracts drivers for its many elements that made it so popular when it first launched.  For an SUV, the Escalade is easy to operate and maneuver in tight parking spaces.  With strong brakes it provides a comfortable and smooth ride.

Enforced with its V8 engine, it is full of power.  The Cadillac Escalade can shift quickly and is equipped with a standard six-speed transmission that is automatic.  This vehicle can accomplish the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) assessed 14 to 18 mpg for city and highway driving, which is considered standard.

With enough seating for up to eight, its cabin is manufactured with the highest quality materials. The seats in the front are roomy, comfortable and great for kids who need lots of wiggle room.   Compared to the Escalade’s competitor vehicles it has more storage room.  Even the ESV model has more space and you can remove the third row seats to provide more space.

The Escalade comes with the standard features such as a navigation system, front seats that can be heated and cooled instantly, as well as the second row of captain’s chairs that can be heated.  There is temperature controlled cup-holders, tri-zone climate control and rear vehicle parking sensors with a camera that assists when backing up the vehicle.

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Luxury and Power Come Together In The 2013 Cadillac Escalade

2013 Cadillac Escalade at Les Stanford CadillacThe 2013 Cadillac Escalade has a generous number of features and equipment available starting at the base model. Escalade will seat seven people comfortably with its heated first and second row leather captains chairs and third row three seat bench. Some other standard features include a tri-zone climate control air conditioning system and radio controls conveniently located in the tilt steering wheel. Rear-wheel drive comes standard and all-wheel drive is available as an option on every trim and model.

There are three Escalade models to choose from: the Escalade standard wheelbase, the Escalade ESV long wheelbase, and the Escalade Hybrid. Both the standard wheelbase and the long wheelbase models come in four trims: Standard, which is Base, Luxury, Premium and Platinum. Higher trims have some added features and upgrades to materials in the interior. For example, the Platinum trim has an additional DVD entertainment system, a rearview camera, navigation system, cooled and heated cupholders and cooled front seats.

The Escalade gets its power from the aluminum block design 6.2-liter V8 engine under the hood. This powerful engine is coupled, in all trims, with a six-speed automatic transmission. The Escalade offers 18-inch alloy wheels and AutoRide ® suspension as standard equipment, while the Escalade Platinum edition is equipped with impressive LED headlamps and Magnetic Ride Control. This system uses the same type magnetic shocks that are used in the Corvette to achieve a superior quiet, smooth ride quality and improved handling.

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Drive an Escalade ESV and Know How Luxury Feels

The Cadillac Escalade ESV is one of America’s most powerful and luxurious SUV’s. The appeal of the Escalade has been broadened in the ESV model as compared to its original introduction in 2003. It is now presented with a Bose sound system, an extended wheelbase and as an added attraction it comes with plenty of cargo space and room for passengers.

As the second-generation Escalade, its features are wonderfully enhanced in the interior hood and interior body. When you get behind the wheel of this exquisitely-made machine you can expect maximum maneuverability, an upgraded interior that is worthy of mention and a huge engine that carries a powerful boost. The Escalade ESV is a popular favorite among consumers and very easily holds up its competive edge.

The prestige of the current Cadillac Escalade ESV has been quite appealing to celebrities and the like, boasting a level of luxury known for its ability to pamper like no other. Four trim levels allow for leather seats, triple-zone climate control, rear parking assistance with a rearview camera, DVD entertainment system, as well as heated and cooled cupholders.

The Escalade ESV has been compared to the Chevrolet Suburban with the capacity to accommodate as many as eight people and in a size that offers 3 rows of seating. The ESV’s fold and flip seat functions allow for several different combinations of seating. Even with its upscale capabilities and advanced technology, the Escalade ESV has a control layout that is user-friendly and rather simple.

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The 2011 Cadillac Escalade ESV: Interior for the Comfort Driven

2011 Cadillac Escalade ESVThe Cadillac Escalade ESV has an interior above all the other SUVs in its class. The Escalade ESV is furnished with many standard features to provide you with ample comfort and luxury on the road which other SUVs can’t match.

The interior of the Escalade ESV has power driver and front passenger leather appointed bucket seats. The seating for the driver and passenger are also heated to warm you right up during cold mornings and has driver/passenger lumbar support to relax your lower back while giving you proper back support. Memory seating is standard in the Escalade ESV to give you even greater comfort.

The Escalade ESV has climate control; single climate control, duel climate control, and rear seat heat ducts to cool you off on humid summer days and keep you toasty on winter nights. The Escalade ESV has rear power windows and has a rear window defogger to help keep the back window clear of moisture and ice so you can clearly see what is behind you at all times.

The Escalade ESV has a navigation screen to show you directions to your destination so you do not have to rely on a little note with vague directions anymore.

To assist you in loading up the Escalade ESV for those long trips and extended vacations, the Escalade ESV has a power liftgate.

The 2011 Escalade ESV comes with a one year subscription to OnStar’s Directions and Connections plan and Turn by Turn Navigation. With OnStar, help is only a button push away.

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Cadillac Escalade ESV – The Power of Platinum

The Cadillac Escalade ESV is available in a Platinum Collection model, and with this model, one can really see the power of platinum over the regular and ordinary metals. Like all Escalade ESV models, the Platinum Collection model also has a 6.2L V8 all-wheel drivetrain engine, 403 horsepower (at 5700 rpm), and 417 ft/lb of torque (at 4300 rpm). This model exceeds its siblings in so many ways though!

Only this model of the ESV’s offers heated and cooled cup holders, LED headlamps, olive ash and burled walnut wood trim, rear seat entertainment system (with two 7” diagonal DVD screens integrated into the back of the front head restraints), TEHAMA leather first and second row seating surfaces, and more! It is also the only model of the ESV’s that offers multi-spoke chromed 22” aluminum wheels. These features place this vehicle into a category all of its own.

But, hey, don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Kelly Blue Book has to say about the Cadillac Escalade ESV Platinum Collection model: “Called the luxury king of SUV’s, Cadillac’s three-row Escalade ESV offers more horsepower and nine more cubic feet of cargo space than Lincoln’s long wheelbase Navigator L.”

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