Take a Ride in the 2012 Chevy Traverse

2012 Chevy Traverse at Les Stanford Chevrolet Dealership in Dearborn, MIThe 2012 Chevy Traverse has everything you want in a full-size crossover – incredible styling, seating for up to eight passengers, a powerful engine and lots of space for both passengers and cargo. Similar to most other crossovers of its class, the Traverse is available with a choice of front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive across all trim models.

The 2012 Traverse comes equipped with a direct-injected 3.6-liter 6-cylinder engine. In the LS and LT trims, this engine produces 281 horsepower and 266 foot pounds of torque. In the LTZ, the 3.6-liter gains an extra 7 horsepower and 4 foot pounds of torque. A six-speed automatic transmission is paired with this engine, delivering an EPA estimated 17 MPG city and 24 MPG highway on front-wheel drive models.

The Traverse handles well for a full-size crossover, given its fully independent suspension. It also has many of the car like manners that most buyers value in the crossover. The Traverse comes standard with the StabiliTrak electronic traction control and stability control for improved traction and grip on wet road surfaces.

While the base LS trim is relatively well equipped, most buyers will go for the mid-range LT or the top-of-the-line LTZ. Both trims come packed with standard features that are not available on the base LS, including leather-appointed seats, dual-zone climate control, a power passenger seat, power liftgate and remote start. There is plenty of head, hip and shoulder room for both second and third row passengers and with over 116 cubic feet of cargo volume, buyers of the 2012 Chevy Traverse will be able to load up for those long distance trips.

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Not Your Dad’s Corvette: The New Seventh Generation C7

Chevy Corvette C7 at Les Stanford Chevrolet Dealership in Dearborn, MIAs the release of the seventh generation Corvette draws closer, rumors and speculation swirl like leaves in the autumn wind. The new ‘Vette, dubbed C7 by Corvette watchers, promises some exciting changes. Don’t expect a radical departure from tradition, however. It seems certain that the C7 will retain the tried and true front engine and the rear-wheel drive configuration that aficionados know and love.

It has been variously reported that the new car will be released in model year 2013 or 2014. There is disagreement in the rumor mill as to whether the C7 will be powered by the current 6.2 liter V8 or the new 5.5 liter race engineered power plant. The new engine is pure speculation at this point. What does seem certain is that the new transmission will be a seven-speed manual, but official word is still not given.

It is the interior that will see a big change. The seats will be reengineered and the finishing materials will be upgraded to be more in line with certain European competition. The instrument cluster is rumored to be receiving a huge upgrade. Recent visitors to GM’s Design Center spotted an instrument package with a large center LCD panel configurable to three display modes of sport, cruise and track. Flanking the digital screen were some traditional analog gauges including the speedometer. A design manager at Chevy stated the cluster is a “design study,” not a production unit. Nevertheless, it holds tantalizing promise.

There is speculation that the infotainment system may be akin to the upcoming Cadillac CUE Touch which will offer a touch screen interface and iPad like functionality. This is a sorely needed upgrade for the current 2006 era system.

Whatever the rumors, the new Corvette will be an exciting addition to a venerable line.

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The Corvette C7: Big Changes Expected

Les Stanford Chevrolet Dealership in Dearborn, MIThe rumors surrounding the Chevy Corvette C7 continue to fly and the hype for this vehicle is really starting to grow. The latest popular rumor, regarding the vehicle, claims that the vehicle will have a seven-speed manual transmission. What’s more, it’s also rumored that the C7 will include a dual clutch as part of its powertrain. The source of these rumors goes on to detail how the C7 will keep the V8 engine of the C6, as well as its predecessor’s pushrod engine configuration. Some other possibilities regarding the engine include features such as the addition of a direct-injection system, which should give drivers a noticeable change in performance.

Changes To The Body Styling

One of the biggest changes rumored for the Corvette C7 is a major change in body style. Spy camera photos taken from Chevy’s secret testing facility may indicate that the wheels on the C7 have been tucked in closer to the body of the car. Although many of these claims are purely speculation, the car could come equipped with such body improvements as aerodynamic styling and reduced fender flares.

Increased Fuel Economy

One of the possible changes in the C7 Corvette is that the vehicle will feature vastly improved fuel economy. Because of the rumored improvements in the cars aerodynamic styling, drivers should experience about a 20% improvement in fuel economy over the C6 Corvette. This should put the C7 somewhere in the neighborhood of 35 MPG fuel efficiency, which would be an all-time high for Corvettes. Although drivers are certainly excited about getting their hands on these new Corvettes, they will just have to wait until some time between 2012 and 2014. Until then, stay tuned for more updates on the C7 Corvette.

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Comfort, Power and Cargo Room Make the Chevy Avalanche the Ultimate Truck/SUV Crossover

2012 Chevy Avalanche for sale at Les Stanford Chevrolet in Dearborn, MIIs it a truck? Or maybe it’s an SUV? Does it really matter when it’s the Chevy Avalanche? From the advent of this ultimate crossover vehicle, the Avalanche has been the best of both worlds. With this vehicle, you get the comfort and roominess that you have come to expect from an SUV and the towing capacity you need from a full-sized pick-up.

One of the features that make the Chevy Avalanche different from other SUVs or full-sized trucks is its midgate. This one-of-a-kind midgate is a removable wall that separates the cabin from the bed. It can be taken down halfway or in part, depending on your personal needs. This allows the owner to quickly change the six passenger cab to a 3 passenger truck with an 8 foot cargo box. Also available are cargo covers and storage compartments that go outside the cargo box for your convenience.

This 6-cylinder multi-functional vehicle has been called the workhorse of the Chevy line, be it in the SUV division or the pick-up truck division. With its smooth riding interface, it’s a breeze to drive on the open road. It offers predictable handling and precise steering that makes it easy to handle.

For the shopper who needs one vehicle to perform multiple functions, a jack of all vehicles so to speak, you can’t go wrong with the Chevy Avalanche. The new versions have all the bells and whistles you might imagine, such as 5.3 flex engine fuel, 4-wheel drive, satellite radio and side curtain airbags. You know that you’re getting your money’s worth with all the features and up-to-date benefits that are available on the newest versions of this ultimate SUV/Truck crossover vehicle.

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The 2012 Chevy Camaro ZL1: Heads Will Turn

Chevy Camaro ZL1 at Les Stanford Chevrolet Dealership in Dearborn, MICamaro fans – it’s back. The new Chevy Camaro ZL1 lives up to the iconic car of the past. Sleek, elegant lines, an aluminum hood with carbon fiber air extractor, aluminum wheels and HID lamps with LED halo rings, brings the older version full circle with sporty, modern additions.

Lose yourself in the high-performance contoured seats that boast luxuriously soft suede inserts. A suede wrapped steering wheel and shift knob are available, for those that wish to bask in the elegance of the perfect ride.

A premium Boston acoustics stereo system blends the dynamic sounds of your favorite tunes to an unsurpassed quality. Dual mode exhaust and track-tuned suspension magnifies the quiet ride expected from a Chevy.

Sporty dash features include a four pack auxiliary gauge boost readout. Precision maneuvering and track tuned suspension, with magnetic ride, lends hand to a smooth driving experience. The small diameter of the steering wheel allows quick turning and ideal cornering.

The 2012 Chevy Camaro comes with a unique front fascia and front splitter with rear diffuser, a rear spoiler and side rocker extensions. Heads will turn as you fly by in the latest in sportier car models, designed to give you comfort, smoothness and the spot-on maneuverability drivers have come to love in the Camaro.

Tested in a 24 hour endurance test, professional drivers have put the new Chevy Camaro ZL1 through rigorous testing to ensure this car will provide the optimal driving experience for years to come.

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The New Chevy Corvette: What the C7 Has in Store for You

Les Stanford Chevrolet Dealership in Dearborn Michigan The upcoming Chevy Corvette C7, also referred to as the Y1XX internally, is the newest generation that promises to be one of the most interesting Corvettes to come out of the factory in over 13 years. Experts argue as to when it will actually come out, however you can anticipate having the keys in hand by the 60th Anniversary in 2013.

The exterior of the C7 is going to feature quite a number of changes. This Corvette will be slimmer and also feature a lengthened wheel base. There is also a split rear window that is just like the one and only model of the 1963 Sting Ray Coupe. It may also look familiar if you watched the second Transformers movie as there was a prototype featuring this special window.

Be amazed with the interior of the Corvette as Chevy has finally decided to compete with other manufacturers in terms of what the gauge clusters and instrument panel looks like. There will still be white dials with the red needle, but it will also have a rumored 8 inch colored LCD display to tell the driver of additional details going on with the car. As for the seats, they will be bucket and unlike anything you’ve ever experienced- unless you’ve sat in a very modern Ferrari.

What’s under the hood isn’t too shabby, either. The 7-speed gearbox is competing with other sports cars of late and the engine is expected to be similar to what’s available in Corvette Racing, including a 5.5 liter V8 engine that packs at least 440 horsepower worth of power but probably closer to 485. The C7 is going to be fast and noticeably more unique than the past few generations in order to give people more to talk about in the car world.

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Spacious and Comfortable : The 2012 Chevy Impala

2012 Chevy Impala for sale at Les Stanford in Dearborn, Michigan There aren’t many vehicles out there that offer the comfortable ride and space of a traditional full-size American sedan. The front-wheel drive platform offers safe and predictable handling, with the suspension pliability to soak up bumps and uneven pavement. The Impala should top the list of those looking for a four-door sedan with traditional full-size attributes.

Those full-size credentials start with the Impala’s length. At 200-inches and a 110.5-inch wheelbase, the Impala features plenty of trunk space and interior volume. The full-size Chevy offers the most head and legroom among front and rear occupants in its class. The 60/40 split front bench on the LS and LT models help push the seating capacity to six occupants. With the standard front bucket seats of the LTZ, five adults can sit in comfort.

Outside, the Impala uses restrained amounts of chrome accenting to lend a sophisticated look to the exterior bodywork. Also, 16-inch aluminum wheels are standard on the 2012 Impala, along with dual exhausts. A small rear spoiler is available on the LTZ, along with 18-inch wheels and front fog lamps. Inside, the Impala is a pleasant place to spend time in, with comfortable cloth seating and a healthy number of standard features on the LS. The LT and LTZ offer leather seats, a center console shifter, an 8-speaker Bose sound system and dual-zone climate controls.

The Impala’s sole engine choice is a new 3.6-liter, 6-cylinder engine, producing 302 horsepower and 252 foot pounds of torque. This engine is backed by a 6-speed automatic transmission, delivering smooth power delivery as well as excellent fuel economy for a car of its size. EPA estimates for the 2012 Impala are 18 MPG city and 30 MPG highway.

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Running Silent, Running Deep: The 2012 Chevrolet Volt

Chevy Volt at Les Stanford Chevrolet in Dearborn, Michigan First, let’s get out of the way that the Chevy Volt is NOT an all-electric car. It is a plug-in hybrid, which means it has more power and longer range on batteries than your average hybrid (25 to 50 miles at up to 100 MPH.) It can be plugged in and it has a gasoline engine to restore power to the system. That said, the 2012 Chevrolet is quite possibly the most fuel-efficient production vehicle on the market today, as well as certainly being the most advanced hybrid to roll out of Detroit so far.

The Volt is a 4 door hatchback that seats four. Primary power for the vehicle is delivered by an electric motor that generates 149 horsepower and puts out 273 foot pounds of torque, drawing on a 16 kilowatt lithium-ion battery pack. Recharging the batteries is a 1.4 liter four-cylinder inline gasoline engine, which is rated for premium fuel only. Advanced engineering also allows this engine to add some power to the wheels at high speeds. The car also recovers power during the braking process and can be completely recharged from either a 120 volt or 240 volt outlet. Time from standstill to sixty is approximately 9.3 seconds, average for a hybrid of this class.

Standard features on the Chevrolet Volt include automatic headlights, automatic climate control, heated mirrors, keyless entry and ignition, remote ignition, cruise control, auto-dimming rear-view mirror, manual front seats with six degrees of movement, tilting and telescoping steering wheel, cloth upholstery, OnStar, including turn-by-turn Nav Assist, Bluetooth, voice control for phone, a six-speaker sound system with CD player and touchscreen and 17 inch alloy wheels.

Moving up to the premium package will gain premium leather seating, a leather swathed steering wheel, and heated front seats. Available as an option is the Rear Camera and Park Assist package.

Fuel mileage is truly variable for the Chevrolet Volt, due to its combo plug-in and hybrid nature. If you make a round trip of perhaps 30 miles every day, return home and plug it in, you will rarely burn a drop of gasoline. If you make longer trips, your mileage will average out to about 33 miles per gallon.

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3 Things Drivers Need to Know About the Corvette C7

Les Stanford Chevy Corvette Dealership in Dearborn, MISeveral popular automobile websites have just published pictures of what appears to be Chevy’s new C7 Corvette concept car. These pictures were taken via spy cam at Chevy’s private test facility in Arizona. These pictures have set the automobile blogging scene ablaze with activity, as everyone is speculating on exactly what will be new on the new C7 Corvettes. The first thing that people tend to notice is that the wheel base has been considerably lengthened from that of previous models. It is also believed that the cyber gray colored C7, caught on film, is a Grand Sport model and not a Z01.

Just from looking at the gap near the front tires, it’s possible to determine that the car has a wheelbase that is longer than the 105.7-inch wheelbase that the C6 Corvettes feature. Another notable feature on the car is the inclusion of a quad-exhaust design. This looks to be a carryover from the C6, except for the fact that only two of the pipes in the middle of the exhaust appear to be open. This may be evidence that the final version of the car will only feature a dual-exhaust system and the quad-exhaust system on the test car is simply there temporarily.

Although it is too early to say for certain, it looks as though the tires featured on the Corvette C7 will be narrower than those featured on the C6 version of the car. This certainly gives the car a more pleasing aesthetic, as it gives the wheels the appearance of being hidden behind the car’s bumper. More information should be available regarding the C7 Corvettes at a later date. The vehicle is rumored to be available for purchase around 2012-2014.

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What is Likely to be Inside of the Corvette C7?

Les Stanford Chevrolet Corvette Dealership in Dearborn MIRumors are flying as the Corvette’s new generation, the C7, is getting closer and closer to being released. When you want to enjoy a sports car that has car drivers on high alert all over the country, you need to pay close attention to what the new Corvette is going to have. There are improvements in design both inside and out as well as some amazing advancements in the engine, too.

The Y platform Corvette is sticking to what it knows best – the engine in the front with rear-wheel drive. Its speculated 7 speeds in the gearbox will compete with what Ferrari has just recently released – only the Corvette is more affordable.

If you love some of the older model Corvettes, you’ll be excited to know that the C7 is expected to have a split rear window like the Sting Ray Coupe from 1963 – the only year that actually had this specialty window. When you go around the back of this new Corvette, it will also look notably different. The posterior will have a smaller end and 2 of the four tail pipes are capped off for aesthetics.

When you step into a current C6 Corvette, the biggest complaint is that the control panel and interior design isn’t as classy as some of the other sports cars at the same price level as the Corvette. Designers for Chevy have heard the complaints loud and clear and are expected to deliver a very high end interior as well as a fancy gauge cluster and 8 inch LCD display in full color.

When you want speed and luxury, the 2014 Corvette C7 is the car to be driving all around town or all around the country. Some say that the Corvette could even be out as early as the fall of 2012.

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