Drive The Car Of Your Dreams When You Drive A Corvette

Corvette King Les Stanford ChevroletThe Corvette is one of the most unique and intriguing automobiles that graces the roads today.  This model has a long and storied history, one that is rich with engineering achievements.  These achievements continue in the Corvette models that are manufactured today.  In no other automobile can an individual expect to get the sleek looks coupled with the raw power that is offered by the Corvette.  The vehicle itself has always been a leader in sports cars.  This legacy continues today.

Imagine being able to drive a brand new Corvette.  Imagine the feel of the engine as the accelerator is pressed down and the split second handling that responds virtually instantaneously.  Imagine attracting attention everywhere the car is driven as heads turn to admire its sleek looks or the growl of its engine.  Imagine being able to own such vehicle and experience driving it each and every day.

In addition to its outstanding performance characteristics and its looks, the Corvette that rolls off the assembly line today is manufactured with all of the latest amenities.  The car is much more comfortable than it used to be.  The car comes with a variety of options so that it can be purchased to suit the needs and desires of the individual in question.  There is little doubt that the legacy of the Corvette will continue for years to come.   The car is unlike any other and its long line of supporters will no doubt continue enjoying this fine automobile.

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Too Much Information? Not from the 2014 Corvette Stingray

2014 corvette stingray gaugeThe advanced cluster display in the 2014 Corvette Stingray can provide up to 69 unique sources of information, ranging from an interactive performance timer to a tire tread temperature display. The crisp and bright display features make this information easily accessible via three configurable modes that prioritize information for daily commuting, weekend canyon carving and track events.

Flanked by three analog gauges for speed, fuel level, and engine-coolant temperature, the eight-inch liquid-crystal display screen in the center of the cluster is organized into sport, tour and track themes that change with the Driver Mode Selector. Each display theme is designed for a specific driving scenario and can be configured through applications found in the “app tray.”

“The new Corvette Stingray features many advanced technologies, so our challenge when designing the driver’s displays was to ensure that those technologies could be easily found in common driving scenarios,” said Jason Stewart, General Motors interaction designer.
“The touring theme places more emphasis on multimedia and infotainment; the sport theme emphasizes performance features with a prominent shift indicator and a large radial tachometer; track theme offers a race-inspired layout containing a sweeping tachometer, Corvette racing inspired shift lights and permanent lap-time displays,” Stewart said. “Each of these three themes can also be configured so that drivers can personalize their experience in the Stingray.”

The 10 configurable display features that will help drivers realize the Stingray’s capabilities are:
The Tour theme – Displayed when the Stingray is in Weather, Eco, or Tour drive mode, this is the most modern display, providing essential vehicle information drivers want for commuting or long-distance driving and includes key vehicle information and multimedia displays;
the Sports theme – Displayed when the Stingray is in Sport mode, this theme is designed to recall the classic sports-car experience, with a single, radial tachometer dominating the display;
the Track theme – Inspired by the cluster of the Corvette Racing C6.R, this theme prioritizes the information vital for a successful track outing, including a “hockey stick” style tachometer, large gear indicator and shift lights;
Adjustable redline – All themes feature an adjustable redline that shows the suggested maximum engine speed as low as 3,500 rpm when the engine is cold;
Tachometer halo – The Sport theme features a ring around the tachometer that glows from yellow to amber to red as engine rpms increase;
Shift lights – The track theme features shift lights influenced by the C6.R, which illuminate from the outside-in, transition from green to yellow to blue and flash at redline providing an easy-to-see shift notification at high speeds;
Friction bubble/cornering force  – The friction bubble that displays lateral and longitudinal G-forces allows drivers to measure how close they are to the Stingray’s limits;
Tire temperature gauge  – Leveraging the existing Tire Pressure Monitoring System, this patented system informs the driver as the tires warm up from cold to warm to hot, with hot being the optimal temperature for peak grip and track performance;
Acceleration timer  – The interactive timer features programmable start/end speeds, which enable drivers to measure any acceleration run, from a traditional 0-60 mph to acceleration from 70-100 mph in top gear;
and the Lap timer  – Shows current, previous and best lap times, enabling drivers to measure their consistency while lapping a road course.

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The New and Improved 2014 Corvette

2014 Corvette at Les Stanford Chevrolet the Corvette KingThe Corvette has been around for many decades but the soon to be released 2014 Corvette has certainly shown some great upgrades. Starting from the outside the 2014 Corvette has been redesigned to have a more angular shape that looks even more classy and stylish than previous versions. The inside of the Corvette has also been improved for better comfort and control.

The 2014 Corvette is a hatchback coupe style. There will be two different trims available one is the base and the other is the z51. Each model offers different features and different looks. The base model gets up to 17 miles per gallon city and 29 miles per gallon highway. There is an mp3 player, a navigation system and heated mirrors. There are also standard features like cruise control, power window and power locks.

The z51 style of the 2014 Corvette will offer a long list of great features. There is stability control, traction control, 4 wheel abs, and a remote anti theft system. The z51 Corvette also has power locks, windows and heated mirrors just as the base model does. The inside is designed for maximum comfort although it is only a two seat car. There is an air filtration system, hands free calling, a sun sensor, a leather steering wheel and an 8 way adjustable driver seat. The z51 style gets 17 miles per gallon city miles and 29 highway miles per gallon.

The 2014 Corvette comes in a variety of colors including red, dark blue, lighter blue, white, black, yellow, silver, burgundy, gray and green. The interior also comes in a variety of colors such as grey, brown and black and red. The interior also comes in leather and suede mixes. The 2014 Corvette will offer drivers a variety of options and a lot of comfort and style.

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Corvette: Legendary Performance

The Chevrolet Corvette is still one of the most recognizable cars on the road today. Its unique design has evolved throughout the years, but has still remained true to the very first Corvette. The new 2012 Corvette is a worthy successor to the legendary Corvettes of old. It is powerful, advanced, sporty and yet, affordable.

The 2012 Corvette comes in four trims: the coupe, the convertible, the Z06 and the ZR1. The first two trims come with a 430 horsepower 6.2 liter V8 engine and standard manual transmission. Optional performance equipment for these trims include a 6-speed automatic transmission and an increase in horsepower to 436. The Z06 and ZR1 are the top performance Corvettes. The Z06 has a 7.0 liter V8 engine that puts out 505 horsepower and the ZR1 takes it even further with an amazing 638 horsepower. Both come with larger tires, a 6-speed manual transmission and a sport-tuned suspension.

The Corvette is not all raw power under the hood, however. A number of safety features are standard on the Corvette, including run-flat tires, airbags, OnStar, traction control and 4-wheel antilock brakes. Always on the forefront of advancement, the 2012 Corvette features a ton of top technology, including a Bose sound system, navigation system, satellite radio, Bluetooth capability and over 50 other custom accessories available to be installed at dealers. The 2012 Corvette also comes with two flashy new colors. Carlisle Blue is the standard one and then Carbon Flash Metallic will come with the Centennial Edition.

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2014 C7 Corvette: The Next Evolution

The 2014 Chevrolet C7 Corvette is expected to debut by late fall of 2013 and is the next generation of the historic American sports car line. The Corvette has a heritage of blending innovative technology with incredible performance, and the C7 is expected to continue that history.

The C7 is expected to keep the traditional coupe design of previous models. A larger grill and new side mirrors are expected. Quarter windows and an optional split-rear window are also rumored.

The powertrain of the 2012 C7 Corvette is believed to be the same powerful 6.2-liter 430-horsepower V8 engine of the current model. However, there are rumors of a next-generation small-block 5.5-liter 440-horsepower V8 engine. If true, the C7 would have improved fuel efficiency to meet upcoming federally mandated fuel requirements. A new seven-speed manual transmission and rear-wheel drive will be standard.

The upgraded passenger cabin will be slightly roomier, thanks to the longer wheel base. The C7 is rumored to have a new 8-inch reconfigurable color LCD screen with 3 display modes: cruise, sport, and track. Other additions include an upgraded navigation system and analog gauges for coolant temp, fuel gauge, and speedometer.

Safety features of the 2014 C7 Corvette will include four-wheel anti-lock brakes and enhanced frontal and side-airbags.

Much of the information on the C7 is based on current rumors. The design team has been quite successful in keeping exact details of the 2014 C7 Corvette from the public. Corvette fans can only wait with anticipation until the official unveiling. Keep updated with Les Stanford Chevrolet Cadillac and!

Chevy Corvette’s Practical Muscle

The Corvette offers high-powered thrills for those wanting pure American muscle. Along with quick acceleration, Chevrolet has tuned the exhaust to make pleasing sounds both when revving the engine from a standstill and when the car is speeding down the freeway.

Performance for the Corvette is enviable. The base and Grand Sport models come with a 6.2 liter V8 that produces 430 horsepower and 424 pound-feet of torque. Combined with either a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic transmission, the car accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds. Unlike many other sports cars, the base and Grand Sport Corvette models achieve a respectable 16 mpg in city driving and 26 mpg on the highway.

Z06 models of the Corvette come with a 7.0 liter V8 that kicks out 505 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque. With the six-speed manual transmission Z06 models accelerate from 0 to 60 in a brisk 3.9 seconds. ZR1 models come with the same 6.2 liter V8 found in the base and Grand Sport models, but the addition of a supercharger boosts output to 638 horsepower and 604 pound-feet of torque and pushes the car from 0 to 60 in 3.8 seconds.

Certain features found in the Corvette make it a sports car that can be driven regularly. Cargo space measures 22 cubic feet, providing a spot for groceries or even a suitcase. Occupants can also enjoy the seven speaker stereo system in the car when they tire of hearing the symphonic high performance exhaust.

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Aggressive Design: The 2012 Corvette

The Corvette has a reputation as the definitive American sports car. The 2012 Chevrolet Corvette, with its innovative technology and graceful design, continues the trend.

The 2012 Corvette is available in two body styles, the hatchback coupe and the convertible roadster. The base two-seater and Grand Sport are available in both body styles, while the higher-performance Z06 and ZR1 are coupe only.

Both the base Corvette and the Grand Sport model feature a six-speed manual transmission with the LS3 6.2-liter 430-horsepower V8 engine. Upgrades include a six-speed automatic transmission and a dual-mode exhaust, which increases horsepower to 436. An automatic transmission is not available for the Z06 or ZR1.

The Grand Sport adds a performance suspension, wider alloy wheels, and Grand Sport styling elements.

The high-performance Z06 coupe features the LS7 7.0-liter 505-horsepower V8 engine with a six-speed manual transmission. Performance upgrades include carbon-ceramic disc brakes, lightweight wheels, and Performance Traction Management.

The elite ZR1 coupe offers the same 6-speed manual transmission, but combines it with the supercharged 638-horsepower LS9 6.2-liter V8 engine. Standard package includes carbon-ceramic disc brakes, adaptive suspension, and Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires.

Safety features of the 2012 Chevrolet Corvette include an Active Handling system, run-flat tires, and four-wheel anti-lock brakes. Frontal and side-airbags are combined with OnStar for accident safety and emergency assistance.

The Chevrolet Centennial Edition package offers a lustrous all-black paint scheme with contrasting red brake calipers. The color scheme continues inside, and will be offered for all 2012 Corvettes.

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The American Classic: the 2012 Chevy Corvette

The Chevy Corvette is the American classic sports car with a long history of style, elegance and speed. The 2012 Chevy Corvette is equipped with state-of-the-art technology as well as superb engineering and design. The standard 2012 Corvette is built with a LS3 all-aluminum V8 engine with 430-horsepower.

The two-seat Chevy Corvette is available as a coupe, a convertible, the Z06 and the ZR1 coupe. Both the coupe and the convertible are come standard with a 430-horsepower, LS3 6.2-liter V8 engine and a 6-speed manual transmission. A couple of performance upgrades include the dual-mode exhaust, which increases the horsepower to 436-horsepower and the 6-speed automatic that comes with steering wheel paddle shifters.

The Grand Sport coupe and convertible come with a performance package that includes wider fenders, tires and wheels, high performance brakes, and a sportier suspension.

The top performing ZO6 Chevy Corvette is equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission, a LS7 7.0-liter V8 engine with 505-horsepower, larger tires and wheels, and sport suspension. The ZR1 is also equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission but has a LS9 6.2 liter V8 engine with incredible 638-horsepower. In addition, the ZR1 has Brembo ceramic brakes, elite carbon fiber components and Magnetic Selective Ride control suspension.

The Corvette has a number of features to keep its passengers safe throughout their driving experience. The safety features that help keep the car on the road include 4-wheel antilock brakes and run-flat tires. In the event of an accident, the car is equipped with airbags and OnStar.

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Will the C7 Corvette Live up to its Hype?

Corvette designers have a long history of crafting auto show vehicles that are far more outlandish than the production Corvette that follows. While the C7 Corvette isn’t likely to feature the mid-engine layout that Chevrolet has been trying to put in place for twenty years, the teaser photos already in circulation speak of a sports car that will continue to make the Corvette a force to be reckoned with.

There is both rumor and truth concerning the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette. The confirmed truth is that it will incorporate more weight-saving materials in its construction, such as magnesium and carbon fiber. It will feature a slightly thinner, more svelte-looking rear end, and its 6.2-liter V8 engine will be backed up by a new seven-speed transmission.

Early spy photos of the C7 test vehicles have led a number of reports to notice that the car seems a bit longer than previous Corvettes, with a narrower track. The speculation behind this backs up the conclusion that the Corvette’s interior will undergo a significant overhaul, as this proportional adjustment would allow for increased interior room in the car.

Inside this remodeled interior, the Corvette C7 will incorporate more lightweight materials than in current vehicles, but is expected to have greater attention to detail throughout in order to give the Corvette even more of a toehold in competing against luxury rivals from Maranello. Although the details surrounding the C7 are as yet little more than rumor, it’s certain that the next-generation Corvette will be a stunner.

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Owners Grip the Power and Controls of the 2012 Corvette Coupe

For nearly sixty years, the world has enjoyed the definitive sports car that is the Chevrolet Corvette. The model has remained a leader in advanced, high-tech design. Corvettes from past years are treasured classics today. Now, the Corvette Coupe is the standard and essential Chevrolet, and the Corvette Coupe of 2012 is sure to please with its top-of-the-line features that owners have come to expect from the company.

Here are five top features of the 2012 Corvette Coupe:

– The V8 engine is built of tough and lightweight aluminum, and it has the might of 430 horse-power.

– The LS7 engine is a 7.0-liter that is both powerful and efficient on fuel allowing for acceleration of 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than 4 seconds.

– The standard Corvette Coupe has a frame of stamped steel. The wheelhousing and fenders are made of carbon fiber while the floor pan has balsa wood covered with carbon fiber.

– The ultimate shock absorber ensures a smooth ride.

– The rear-brakes have a sophisticated cooling system of air channeled from duct-work near the rear tires.

With these and more features that showcase its quality design, this automobile has a perfect combination of power and fuel-efficiency. Of course, seats are designed for the best in ergonomic comfort for the driving experience.

Corvettes are ultra-tested for performance dynamics on Chevrolet’s official testing grounds, complete with 67 acres of tarmac. Now, owners can take the 2012 power and control in their own grip. Test one for yourself at Les Stanford Chevrolet Cadillac at 21730 Michigan Ave Dearborn, MI 48124 today! Or visit us online at