The Chevrolet Cobalt Coupe:The MYLINK Technology Package

The Chevrolet Cobalt provides great accommodation with its MYLINK Technology Package. MYLINK Technology package (available on 1LT models) makes your Cobalt experience even more enhanced. The package includes a full year of XM Satellite Radio instead of the standard three month trial version. Also, along with XM Radio is a USB port that allows you to listen to you music downloaded from the internet or computer to a flash drive or external hard drive. If that’s not enough, the Cobalt also comes with a standard auxillary input jack for directly and easily connecting your MP3 or IPOD to the stereo system. In addition, as most modern vehicles, the Cobalt comes standard with a CD player if you still prefer using CDs over MP3s or USBs. So whether it’s CDs, MP3s, IPODs, or USBs, the Cobalt has something to accommodate your music listening preferences. In addition, the Cobalt Coupe allows you to easily manage your radio and music through the leather wrapped steering wheel which contains advanced audio controls so you don’t have to take your hands off the wheel to find the right station or song.

The MYLINK Technology package also includes OnStar. Rather than the usual six month OnStar package, the Cobalt Coupe comes with a full year of OnStar Directions and Connections packages which includes turn by turn navigational assistance to help you get to where you are going as easily and as safely as possible.

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The Chevrolet Cobalt Sedan XFE: Fuel Efficiency and Cargo Room

Have you ever taken long road trips and had to stop for gas over and over again? With most cars, this would be the usual story, but not with the Cobalt XFE. One of the best features about the Cobalt XFE is its superb fuel mileage. The Cobalt XFE 2.2L ECOTECH DOHC engine gets an estimated 37mpg. It gets better fuel mileage than any other compact sedan. That’s better fuel mileage than Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, and Ford Focus. With its larger fuel tank, the Cobalt XFE’s estimated range of travel is 480 miles on one tank of gas. To put it in perspective, the Cobalt XFE can travel from Cincinnati, Ohio to Atlanta, Georgia on one tank of fuel! With this kind of mileage from the Cobalt XFE, frequent stops for gas are a thing of the past.

The Cobalt XFE also brings with it the additional cargo and passenger room afforded by a sedan. With its four-door body style, the Cobalt XFE is easy for picking up, dropping off, and carpooling your friends and family. The additional seating room can also transform into cargo room with its 40/60 collapsible rear seat. The spacious trunk combined with the folding rear seat offers plenty of room for hauling your belongings around or packing for vacation. With this amount of cargo room and fuel mileage, the Cobalt XFE easily becomes one of the best compact sedans for family vacations or fun road trips. For more information on the Cobalt Sedan XFE, please call (800) 836-0972 or stop by Les Stanford Chevrolet Cadillac to test drive one today!