Cadillac’s Driver Focused CTS

2013 CTS Coupe at Les Stanford Cadillac in DearbornThe Cadillac 2013 CTS sports Sedan is designed for power unfamiliar to most sedans. It comes standard with 3.0 liter direct-injection engine that’s capable of up to 270 horse power. It also has a 3.6 liter that can put out an impressive 317hp. To complement its power, it’s equipped with innovative safety features.

The taillights and headlights are the more energy efficient and durable LED lamps, both protecting our environment and the driver. Its headlights are equipped with “adaptive forward lighting”. Essentially, the headlights adjust their lighting angle to the angle and level you’re driving at. The CTS is also equipped with rearview back up camera visible through an 8-inch LCD screen.

The interior is French-stitched leather that can be enjoyed with a Bose surround system that comes in all models. The audio system is ipod compatible allowing you to sync your playlist to the audio system. ┬áIt also comes equipped with a “Glide-UP” navigation system making driving in unknown areas both comfortable and seamless. The CTS comes with a remote start key, that is usable up to 50 yards. It also has keyless access where its remote can recognize you upon approach.

The innovation of the CTS make it a great buy for any value concerned driver. The CTS is a driving focused vehicle designed with comfort, safety and power, as a top priority. Get yours at Les Stanford Cadillac!

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