A Fantastic Drive in Style in the Malibu

2013 Chevy MalibuThe Chevy Malibu it the most fun midsize car you will ever drive.  The Malibu’s performance is an outstanding mix of great technology, efficiency and styling.  Every Malibu seems to outperform other midsize car that is on the market today.

The sleek design of the Malibu makes it almost as nice to look at as it does to drive.  The lines follow from the outside to the inside, giving the car the look and feel of a classic automobile as well as a sports car.  The craftsmanship and love of the car can be seen in every detail. A Malibu has a long tradition and enjoys how it has transforms over the years to what it is today.

Technology has caught up with the Malibu and every driver will be pleased by the advancements in the newer vehicles.  From mobile apps, Bluetooth and Onstar with turn-by-turn navigation to rear vision cameras, keyless entry and premium sound system, the Malibu has all the features to make your driving experience awesome every time you slide behind the wheel.

If you test drive a Malibu there is a very good chance you are going to want to buy one.  Driving a Malibu offers something that almost no other car offers and to get behind the wheel of one is a very pleasant experience.  See for yourself at Les Stanford Chevrolet!

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