Make Tracks in the Chevy Trax

2017 Chevy Trax at Les Stanford ChevroletThe 2017 Chevy Trax is a compact SUV with the power to travel anywhere. It has an athletic appearance and a dual-port grille. It is sporty and stylish. It is also practical and designed with great taste. It has a high-gloss finish and available sculpted LED tail lamps. It also has available 18-inch 5-spoke chiseled wheels.

The Trax offers eight seating capabilities and has the room to accommodate objects as long as eight feet with the passenger seat folded down. It is a versatile and practical SUV for everyday.

This is an SUV that has all the advanced technologies such as support for Apple CarPlay and is compatible with the iPhone. It even has a 7-inch diagonal color touch-screen display.

The 2017 Trax is the perfect combination of practicality and sophistication. It is equipped with a 1.4L turbocharged ECOTEC engine and it gets 33 MPG. It even comes with the option of all-wheel-drive.

This is a safe SUV with ten air bags and a high-strength steel cage. It has available OnStar services. It has available Side Blind Zone Alert. It has available Rear Cross Traffic Alert. It even has available Forward Collision Alert and Lane Departure Warning. It’s an SUV that’ll keep its passengers safe and looking stylish at the same time. It doesn’t mess around and gets great gas mileage too. Get yours at Les Stanford Chevrolet today!

Check Out the Award-Winning Chevy Cruze

2017 Chevy Cruze at Les Stanford ChevroletThe 2017 Chevrolet Cruze has been rated as one of Consumer Reports’ “10 Top Picks of 2017”. The Chevy Cruze comes in two styles, the regular sedan and it is now available in a hatchback.

The body of the Chevy Cruze comes in two styles, with a sporty aerodynamic design. It’s road trip friendly, is comfortably quiet, and comes with a turbo charged 1.4 L engine standard with 153 horse-power, and a 6 speed transmission.

It is fuel efficient and has fuel economy of 33 mpg with up to 40 mpg highway. It also has LED daytime running headlamps. It has a smooth operating, fuel saving automatic engine start-stop system.

Advanced Safety features such as teen driver, make it a top selling point for families who want a safe car for their teen. It comes with 10 standard air bags, a forward collision alert system, and automatic crash response system where the OnStar advisor is automatically contacted if the air bag deploy sensors are triggered.

Some of the Chevy Cruze‘s interior features include standard heated front seats, with optional heated rear seats, an available MyLink touchscreen, with a voice controlled Apple Car Play system. An exceptionally quiet interior, ergonomic comfortable seats, 4G-LTE WiFi from OnStar, and available cell phone integration system.

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Get Behind the Wheel of a 2018 Chevy Impala

2018 Chevy Impala at Les Stanford ChevroletThe Chevy Impala has long been one of the iconic cars in their legendary lineup. The 2018 Chevy Impala goes and carries on that tradition.

The 2018 Impala is a full-sized sedan that comes with an exclusive front wheel steering makeup. Two of the main motor configurations that come with the 2018 Chevy Impala are a 2.5 liter that produces 197 horsepower and then there is the V6, 3.6 liter engine that can produce in excess of 305 horsepower. The latter version is one that is most preferred by consumers according to major auto industry insiders.

As far as the body goes with the 2018 Chevy Impala, it remains the same. As a matter of fact, this body style was debuted in 2014 and has not changed. Insiders believe that a change could come probably with the 2019 or 2020 Impala. The big change for 2018 will be with the infotainment system. The Android Auto Integration System will be featured with the 2018 Impala.

Some are also saying that the 2018 Chevy Impala could possibly feature a new 9-speed automatic transmission. In the end, the 2018 Chevy Impala will have plenty of interior space and will be one of the top full size sedans on the market in the coming year. Check it out for yourself at Les Stanford Chevrolet!

2018 Chevy Tahoe SUV For Luxury And Comfort

2018 Chevy Tahoe at Les Stanford ChevroletShopping for a new vehicle can be a lot of fun but it can also be overwhelming when you take stock of all the new vehicle models that have hit the market this year and try to weed out what it is that you do not want. The new, 2018 Chevy Tahoe is a full sized SUV that seats as many as eight passengers amidst its three rows of seating. You get plenty of comfort with this vehicle as well as all the latest and greatest power, technology and safety features.

If more power is what you are looking for then this is the vehicle to consider. The standard option if that will be enough for you, is a 5.3 liter, V8 engine that comes along with a six speed automatic. You can also opt for an upgraded 6.2 liter, 420 horsepower motor along with a newly designed automatic, ten speed transmission.

Plenty of high quality, standard features come part of the 2018 Tahoe package, but you can upgrade as well to include a number of items such as a newly designed Borla exhaust, colored grille, gloss black grille, side mirror covers, Brembo brakes, a matching roof rail set and 22 inch, alloy wheels.

More information is becoming available on the new Tahoe as the weeks progress but right now this is looking like a front runner in the SUV industry. Head to Les Stanford Chevrolet for yours!

More horsepower and more style, all combined in the new 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

2018 Chevy Silverado 1500 at Les Stanford ChevroletThe automotive industry never stops amazing their consumers, and the 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is a very promising deal. The full-size truck comes with amazing features and great options to choose from. Do you like to go off road? Get happy because all versions come with 4WD capability. Maybe the biggest engine is not the best option for you and you would like to save in gas mileage. The Silverado 1500 offers three engine sizes. The smallest one is a 4.3L V-6 VVT DI with Active Fuel Management. Nice mid-size engine that gives you 18 mpg in the city and 24 mpg on the highway. The next one is a 5.3L V-8 VVT DI with Active Fuel Management. This big engine gives you 16 mpg in the city and 23 mpg on the highway. The biggest engine that you’ll find in this pickup truck is a 6.2L V-8 VVT DI with Active Fuel Management. Sounds great when you think of all the mess you can do with this great option. This comes with 420 horsepower and great gas mileage for the size of this engine. 15 mpg in the city and 21 mpg on the highway.

When we think of the power this beast has, its important to know that it comes with amazing features. It doesn’t matter if you are in Downtown New York with all the noise surrounding you or if you are outside in the country hauling some cattle, you won’t be bothered as you’ll be inside a nice quite cabin. Steering wheel controls, usb ports, wireless charging and an 8-inch diagonal color touchscreen display with Chevrolet MyLink.

The 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 will make you feel like you own the road. It can take you anywhere from a short trip to the mall or from a long nice trip to the other side of the country. Get yours today at Les Stanford Chevrolet!

Boasting An Array Of Standard Safety Features, the 2018 Chevy Equinox

2018 Chevy Equinox at Les Stanford ChevroletThe 2018 Chevy Equinox is a compact SUV that offers top of the line in technology and safety. This model of the Equinox has been redesigned for the year 2018 and boasts an array of safety features as well as the option to go diesel. The new model offers two new gas engines that boast four cylinder engines including a model with a 1.5-liter unit allowing for an estimated 170 horse power and 203 lb-ft of torque. It is estimated to achieve a mileage of 26mpg in the city and 32 on the highway.

Some of the more notable safety features include a multi-camera parking system, forward collision warning along with following distance indicator and a seat monitor that alerts you if you’ve forgotten anything when exiting the vehicle.

The 2018 Chevy Equinox offers an admirable cargo space with 29.9 cubic feet of space standard with the option to fold the rear seats down offering 63.5 cubic ft of space. This newly designed model is slightly smaller than its predecessor but still offers a comfortable amount of space for cargo. One of the new features is the updated version of Chevy’s MyLink multimedia interface. This new upgrade offers a standard seven inch touchscreen as well as optional additional screens. These new upgrades make this vehicle quite a fantastic option.

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Get The 2018 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Adrenaline Experience!

2018 Chevy Corvette Stingray at Les Stanford ChevroletThere is no other American sports car that pumps the adrenaline better than a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and 2018 model is no different. With an available 6.2L 480 V8 horsepower engine, allowing 0-60 MPH in 3.7 seconds, you get your quick speed fix. The choice of a 7-speed manual with Active Rev Matching or available 8-speed paddle-shift automatic transmission will provide maximum performance.

Standard Brembo® brakes can handle most any speed as stopping power for a safe performance. For a great look as well as safety, this Corvette Stingray comes with summer only Michelin® Pilot® Super Sport ZP tires on standard 19″ front and 20″ wheels.

The form fitting cockpit lets you be in control and holds you steady during fast tight turns. Heated seats and dual climate control gives a comfortable ride in any season. The GT seat is available in Napa leather with a 3LT trim level that gives the interior the high end look this car deserves.

This cockpit has an 8-inch diagonal LCD display that can be customized to show information including G-force and tire temperature. For your traveling pleasure, listen to your favorite tunes through a Premium Bose audio system and comes with Audio input jack and Bluetooth® 3.0† wireless technology.

The 2018 Corvette Stingray was designed to ensure it will make any road trip a memorable one. Get yours at Les Stanford Chevrolet, America’s Corvette King!

A Quick Look At The 2018 Chevrolet Colorado

2018 Chevy Colorado at Les Stanford ChevroletWhen it comes to mid-size pickups in today’s market, the 2018 Chevrolet Colorado is certainly one that stands up to the competition. The 2018 Chevrolet pickup is a vehicle that comes in two wheel and four wheel drive configurations. Another feature that makes this truck standout is that it comes in gas powered and diesel powered engines. The diesel motor setup for the 2018 Chevy Colorado gets in upwards of 30 miles per gallon on the highway and also is able to produce 369 lb. ft. of torque. MotorTrend Magazine states that this puts this 2018 Chevy truck at the top of its class.

Insiders say that the Chevy pickup is the perfect truck for being a work vehicle and also being one to cruise around in. Some of the awards that it has been able to garner are America’s Most Fuel Efficient Pickup and being one of the best diesel powered trucks on the market. For 3.6 liter, V6 motors, this truck is the best in its class with a maximum of 308 horsepower. The truck is also noted as the top for the highest towing power of 7,700 pounds with a 2.8 liter turbo diesel motor.

For off road or working, the 2018 Chevrolet Colorado is certainly a pickup that stands above the competition. Find yours at Les Stanford Chevrolet!

Movin’ On Up With The 2018 Chevy Malibu

2018 Chevy Malibu at Les Stanford ChevroletHot off the line for the new model year, the 2018 Chevy Malibu offers a lot in the way of customizability, comfort, safety, and performance. You can take your pick from a number of engine options, but the hybrid option is truly top-notch. This 1.8-L 4-cylinder engine is paired with an electric motor and generates 182 hp and 277 lb-ft of torque.

The 2018 model offers unparalleled comfort, even during long rides. Acceleration on the base 1.5-L engine is fully sufficient for any daily driver, but the 2.0-L has a bit more spunk if you like going fast. The hybrid engine has some of the smoothest acceleration you will find on a hybrid. Also, the steering and handling are both responsive and athletic. On top of that, this mid-sized sedan has well-crafted seats and spacious cabin that is not inundated with annoying road or engine noise.

For this model year, Chevy made some critical improvements to the MyLink touchscreen interface. It is now more user-friendly with buttons intuitively placed. Safety features are also up-to-date, and driver aids like lane departure warning and blind spot monitoring work well at keeping drivers safe on the road. Security and tracker systems, panic alarms, and daytime running lights also come standard on the 2018 Chevy Malibu.

Let Les Stanford Chevrolet get you into a 2018 Malibu today!

The 2017 Chevy Bolt EV is Looking to Set the Electric Vehicle Standard

2017 Chevy Bolt EV at Les Stanford ChevroletChevrolet has always been known as an innovator and game changer in the automobile market. The same thing can be said with Chevy and their venturing in the electric/hybrid market. The company is certainly looking to set the standard in the all-electric market with the 2017 Chevy Bolt EV. Armed with 238 miles of range and a sleek and spacious design, this new Chevy all-electric vehicle pushes the boundaries as to what an all-electric vehicle can become.

The all-electric vehicle here has garnered all kinds of industry awards. In 2017, the car was named the Motor Trend Car of the Year, the North American Car of the Year, the Green Car Journal Green Car of the Year, and was given one of IIHS’ Top Safety Pick awards. The vehicle comes with a 60kWH lithium ion battery, electronic precision shifting, lane keep assist, push button start, and OnStar. For entertainment, the 2017 Chevy Bolt EV has a SiriusXM stereo.

Some of the accessories that are available for the Chevy Bolt offering here are a cargo liner, a cargo net, carpeted mats, door sill plates, and rear side decals. There is plenty of cargo and passenger space here with the Chevy Bolt EV. The main thing is that it certainly sets the standard when it comes to the future of all-electric vehicles.

Head to Les Stanford Chevrolet to get a Bolt EV all your own!