The 2017 Cadillac XTS: Where Comfort Meets Elegance and Safety

2017 Cadillac XTS at Les Stanford CadillacThe 2017 Cadillac XTS sedan has the ultimate in comfort for both drivers and passengers. The interior is beautifully adorned with leather, longwearing seats and fine wood trims. The memory package recalls all of the driver’s positions from the seat to the steering wheel and the outside mirrors. Trizone Climate System reaches out to the driver, front and rear passengers for them to adjust their specific climate zone. This model has the most room in the back seat of any sedan available on the market today. The second row seating also has heating available for the two outside passengers.

Storage room is ample in this edition with 18 cubic feet in the trunk and a center console as well as a hidden storage been below the CUE screen.

The exterior of the XTS has clean, elegant lines with a powerful look to it. A stylish platinum grille is available to compliment the 20-inch wheels and HID headlights. You get a bright, white light to illuminate the road better and can include Intellibeam to switch automatically from low to high beams.

Safety is always a consideration for Cadillac. This sedan has a steel safety cage to absorb energy from a crash and keep you safe. You can also choose the Safety Alert Seat to notify you with a pulsating signal in the seat if you stray from your lane. The pulse is oriented to the left, right or both to indicate the threat’s direction. The innovative Heads-Up Display keeps you alerted to all the car conditions without the need to look down at the dash.

This Cadillac has it all and it resides in a beautiful package for safety and dependability. Check it out for yourself at Les Stanford Cadillac!

Chevrolet Updates the Tahoe for 2017

2017 Chevy Tahoe at LEs Stanford ChevroletThe 2017 Chevrolet Tahoe continues an American tradition.  Based off of the same powertrain as the Suburban and the Silverado, the Tahoe rounds out Chevrolet’s trucks and SUVs.  This SUV exemplifies such dedication.  These changes mainly come in the form of appearance while maintaining performance that has been known for years.

The 2017 year model of the Tahoe brings two new paint colors along with new features.  Blue Velvet Metallic and Pepperdust Metallic are the new colors added.  There are two new wheel styles as well.  Both of them are 22-inch rims.  One is offered as Ultra Bright machined aluminum for the Premier trim.  The other is a 7-spoke silver wheel option with chrome inserts.

Though the exterior has seen a few changes, the interior remains roomy and full of creature comforts.  There’s plenty of seating for five adults with plenty of cargo space.  All trim levels also feature the Chevrolet MyLink Audio system.  This permits hands-free operation of a mobile phone while driving.

The Tahoe also offers the best highway fuel economy for its class at 23 MPG.  This is achieved while being equipped with the 5.3L EcoTec3 V8.  With 355 hp and 383 lb-ft of torque available, the Tahoe can keep up with traffic.  Plus, with a maximum towing capacity of 8400 lbs, it’s sure to satisfy many trailering needs.  This powertrain rounds out an SUV that reliably and comfortably hauls people and heavy things while looking sharp.

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The 2017 Escalade ESV- Luxury for the Entire Family

2017cadillac escalade esv at les stanford cadillacIf you are looking for an SUV with both luxury and plentiful cargo space, look no further than the 2017 Cadillac Escalade ESV. The Escalade provides seating for up to eight passengers, as well as the option to fold down the 3rd-row seat for additional storage. If fuel efficiency is a concern, the Escalade gets up to 15MPG city and 22MPG highway while fully loaded.

Everyone desires a technologically advanced vehicle, and the Escalade ESV is sure to deliver. The vehicle is designed with built-in navigation, Bluetooth, and hands-free texting, all delivered through the Cadillac CUE touchscreen display. In addition, it provides a 16-speaker BOSE surround-sound system, as well BOSE active noise canceling, which helps to ensure a superior sound experience inside the cabin.  Another exciting feature is the “heads-up” display, which displays certain information onto the windshield of the vehicle, so the driver can stay that much more alert and undistracted.

The 2017 Escalade ESV is best in its class in safety as well as luxury. It boasts a feature called “surround vision,” which gives you a bird’s-eye view of the area around your vehicle while you are in reverse or low-speed drive. Equipped with air bags on every seat, Cadillac is dedicated to maintaining your safety and well-being in the unlikely event of a crash. These are only a sample of the safety features that come standard with the Escalade ESV, as there are 29 more impressive features not listed above.

With luxury, technology, and safety features that will put you ahead of the pack, today is an excellent day to start thinking of the kind of vehicle that you would be proud to own for years to come. The 2017 Cadillac Escalade ESV is the right choice for you! Get yours at Les Stanford Cadillac!

Traverse: For Families, Singles, and You

2017 Chevy Traverse at Les Stanford ChevroletIf you want to have the luxury of the best SUVs, the room of a mini van, and the style of a sports car, you need to see Chevy’s 2017 Traverse Mid-Size SUV. With a seating capacity of eight, you can fit more people and cargo in this SUV. With the Smart Slide second row, you have easy access to the third row for more space and adaptability to your needs.

The Traverse also offers some of the most amazing features you could find in a SUV to give you the most luxurious feel on the market. Some of the specifications include available built-in LTE 4G WiFi, which means more streaming music and movies while on those long trips. You can stream Pandora from your radio or sign up for SiriusXM satellite radio. Traverse did not stop there though. You can also hook your phone to one of the three built-in USB ports for charge or sync to the radio. It also offers hands free driving with the Bluetooth capability built in, so now your road trips can be safe and fun.

The 2017 Traverse also offers some of today’s best safety additions that scored it a five star rating in overall vehicle score including: rearview camera, rear park assist, lane departure warning, forward collision alert, and side blind zone alert.

The Traverse is perfect for any get away. With all of its space, it also allows you to tow up to 5,200 pounds. Offering 22 miles to the gallon, it will not disappoint. Get yours at Les Stanford Chevrolet!

Drive Smart with the Cadillac XT5

2017 Cadillac XT5 at Les Stanford CadillacAre you looking for a smart new crossover? Then the 2017 Cadillac XT5 is for you. Cadillac designed this crossover to keep its drivers safe, connected, comfortable, and interested. In other words, why just satisfy your needs? Why not stand out while you do it?

One of the most effective aspects of the XT5 is the storage space. There is a measurement of 63 cubic feet of it! The Remote Fold-Down Rear Seats can make for extra cargo room in the back. Not only that, but this vehicle offers class-leading leg room for both front and rear passengers.

As always, safety is an important feature. The XT5 uses a network of radar and cameras to prevent accidents before they happen. There are features available for more safe, secure, and comfortable driving, such as Side Blind Zone Alert and Pedestrian Collision Mitigation.

Of course, with a vehicle so concerned with personal style, there is great technology options. There is a Rear Camera available, as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility to keep you connected.

With the Active Fuel Management System, the vehicle will temporarily turn off two cylinders in the engine for maximum fuel efficiency. But don’t worry, the engines will automatically turn back on when conditions call for it

Lastly, the XT5 offers All-Wheel Dive twin-clutch to assist in smooth handling for all conditions.

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Chevy Colorado: Are You Ready for Work?

2017 Chevy Colorado at Les Stanford ChevroletFuel efficiency and best-in-class towing and horsepower do not sound like two things that one truck can have. However, with the 2017 Colorado, you will get work done and not have to worry about it. The 2.5L I-4 and 3.6L V6 engines with the Duramax 2.8L Turbo-Diesel give the truck impressive power without using too much fuel.

Chevrolet understands that with such an impressive truck, most folks are going to use it to work. That’s why there’s such extensive storage. The GearOn storage system provides utility for two-tier loading and a bed divider to help secure your cargo. The interior is built for work as well, with four USB ports, more leg room, nonskid space, and fully boxed frame and shear-style mounts.

Of course, who could forget technology? The Colorado is dedicated to keeping you connected. There is 4G LTE WiFi available and Chevrolet MyLink that provides an 8-inch diagonal color touchscreen display. The Colorado is even compatible with Apple CarPlay.

All these perks would mean nothing if the truck was not safe, however, Chevrolet made sure to design flawless safety technologies including a rear vision camera, Forawrd Collision Alert, and Lane Departure Warning. The steel frame and safety cage will provide another sense of comfort and safety. The Colorado protects its passengers with a dual-stage frontal, head-curtain side-impact and seat-mounted side-impact air bags.

Power, storage, technology, and safety. What are you waiting for? Check out the Colorado for yourself at Les Stanford Chevrolet!

The Many Advantages to Driving a Chevrolet Malibu

2017 chevy malibu at les stanford chevroletThe midsize class Chevrolet Malibu is a viable option for the consumer that is seeking fuel efficiency, interior options, entertainment system, trunk space, and safety features.  The Malibu offers up 27 miles per gallon in the city and 36 miles per gallon on the highway.  The 1.5 liter four cylinder engine generates 160 horsepower and provides a smooth ride due to the upgraded suspension.  Inside the Malibu, one can sit five adults.  Taller adults will find ample leg room in the rear, and the Malibu is equipped with LATCH connectors to keep children safe.  The higher trim units have leather upholstery, front seating that is power adjustable, heated and cooled front seating, and a heated steering wheel.

The standard touchscreen infotainment system is available in a seven or eight inch option.  The menus are user friendly and clearly marked for the climate and audio settings.  The Malibu can be connected to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto smartphone integration that permits one to connect to their smartphone apps.   The Malibu’s trunk space totals 15.8 cubic feet that allows for plenty of room for your belongings.  The rear seats are split folding so one can transport longer objects.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) awarded the Malibu with a five star overall rating.  Consumers can obtain a Teen Driver system to control the speed and volume limits for the Malibu that will offer peace of mind for those with less tenured drivers.

A Malibu is waiting just for you at Les Stanford Chevrolet!

Luxury and Innovation: The 2017 Cadillac CT6

2017 Cadillac CT6 at Les Stanford CadillacThe Cadillac CT6 is regarded as one of the most luxurious cars manufactured. Equipped with a host of new features, elegant interior and superior exterior design, the 2017 CT6 is an all in one vehicle. Cadillac incorporated luxury and convenience with this vehicle. They also designed this fully loaded car with the latest technology features and accommodations.

The CT6 comes stocked with a V6 engine. It also comes with an impressive 8 speed automatic transmission. Buyers can select from a 3.0 plus liter vehicle option.

The Cadillac CT6 uses a rear camera system. Maintaining safety as a priority, the rear camera was designed to eliminate hazards while reversing. This vehicle also comes with automatic breaking system and forward collision warnings. The host of optional safety features place the 2017 CT6 at the top of the list for safe vehicles.

The elegant leather seats were made to further establish the luxury of the CT6. The in car wireless data connectivity plays a huge role in this vehicle’s posh design. Drivers and passengers can connect wireless devices to their favorite web browsing or social media sites inside this creative vehicle. This car also features a top of the line BOSE audio system for enhanced audio sound.

The new CT6 incorporates all necessities in one vehicle. From massaging seats to an array of innovative safety features, the 2017 CT6 is truly one of a kind. Get yours at Les Stanford Cadillac!

Chevrolet Introduces the Newly Redesigned Suburban

2017 Chevy Suburban at Les Stanford ChevroletThe Chevrolet motor company has introduced the country to their 2017 Chevrolet Suburban. While the Chevrolet may look similar, the engineers at Chevrolet has made improvements on fuel economy and increased the vehicle’s horsepower. Engineers also used more lightweight material to build the new Suburban.

Inside the vehicle, Chevrolet engineers have the MyLink system, which provides the driver with a touchscreen navigation system and hands free calling services. The 2017 Suburban also offers smart phone integration. The Suburban will also feature aluminum details. The vehicle also comes with a BluRay DVD player and the ability to connect Apple CarPlay to your MyLink.

The Suburban will provide room for nine passengers. The Chevrolet engineers increased leg room in the third-row seating, making it more relaxing. When not in use, the third row seat can now be folded flat.

Chevrolet continues its dedication to safety by including a front-center airbag as well as providing a warning system with forward collision alerts, front parking sensors, and blind spot monitors. Chevrolet’s Suburban combines the power of a truck with the comfort of a luxury vehicle. The Suburban was made to give you a drive that is relaxing no matter how far you are traveling.

The Chevrolet Suburban will have you feeling like you are a world-class executive. The Suburban is ready to take you to any type of destination, whether it be to a family trip, a shopping trip, or to catch the latest sporting event live. Check it out at Les Stanford Chevrolet!

The Amazing Attributes Of The 2017 Cadillac CTS

2017 Cadillac CTS at Les Stanford CadillacThe new Cadillac CTS for 2017 is an amazing vehicle. It is equipped with both performance and luxury. This customizable vehicle is certain to be a major success in the industry.

The 2017 Cadillac CTS has a powerful engine and an eight speed automatic transmission. This enables responsive shifting and smooth acceleration. The ride control will adjust suspension depending on the quality of the road. This lessens impact and provides stability on uneven roads. The engineering provides an almost perfect balance from front to rear. This improves handling and the comfort of the ride. Paddle shifters let you use the transmission manually. Different options such as sport or snow allow tuning of the steering. The brakes are made of an aluminum alloy. This delivers better power for stopping and less wear.

The CTS‘ interior is customizable. Wood, leather and aluminum are all available. All the materials are designed to look good together. This is a way to show off your personal taste. A 12.3 inch LCD display is included in full color. This shows navigational and entertainment choices. Air temperatures within the vehicle are able to be adjusted individually. The starting of the engine can be accomplished from one-hundred feet away from the vehicle. Outside temperatures are automatically sensed and the temperature adjusted accordingly. The seats in front are adjustable in twenty different ways. All of the seats have heating for maximum comfort. This vehicle is available in a wide choice of colors. A 13-speaker system from Bose provides excellent sound.

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