2017 Chevy Trax — Functional and Elegant

2017 Chevy Trax at Les Stanford ChevroletFor years anyone driving a full sized vehicle found a truly incredible number of tiny parking spaces.  The Chevy Trax shows why subcompact CUVs (Crossover Utility Vehicle) are currently the hottest-growing segment of the vehicle market.

The Trax is Chevy’s smallest CUV.  It offers seating for five adults, a 138-hp 1.4-liter turbo four-cylinder engine, a six-speed automatic transmission, and your choice of a standard front-wheel drive or an optional all-wheel drive (and remains highly maneuverable with either).

The top-of-the-line 2017 Trax Premier comes standard with blind-spot monitoring, lane-departure warning, and rear cross-traffic and forward-collision alert systems, items optional on the Trax LT.  The LT and Premier models also feature projector-beam headlights and LED running lights.

The new model dash features an analog speedometer, and a 7-inch touchscreen entertainment system. The hood, headlights, taillights, front fenders, and instrument panel are all new.  Additional safety measures for 2017 include 10 airbags and a rearview camera.

The hatchback makes it easy to reach the 19 cubic feet of cargo space, which can be expanded to 48 cubic feet by folding down the rear seats and can be further expanded by folding down the front passenger seat.  The gas mileage is a pleasant surprise, with an EPA mileage estimate of 24-25 mpg in the city, and 30-33 on the highway.

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The Cadillac XT5 – Your CUV Soulmate

2017XT5When you see this CUV, you are going to want to marry it.

Cadillac spared no expense in designing and manufacturing the XT5. It is like entering an exclusive private club, with luxury and comfort everywhere you look from the back support of the front seat to the leg room of the back seats (which also slide and recline), a built-in WiFi system, and a rearview camera with a heads up display on your rearview mirror, and an optional rear-seat DVD entertainment system.

Loading cargo is unbelievably simple. If your hands are full, you can open the rear hatch by waving your foot at the sensor.

The standard power plant is a V6 engine (with over 300 horsepower), coupled to an eight-speed automatic transmission.  The EPA rates the XT5 with a gas mileage of 19 mpg/city and 27 mpg highway.  It even has a cylinder shutdown system that puts two of the cylinders on standby if the power of all six is not required.

You have the option of trading the front-wheel drive to all-wheel drive – with a twin-clutch system, which allows 100 percent of torque to be transferred to either the front or rear wheels… and you can adjust the suspension to Snow/Ice, Sport Driving, or Touring.  Other options include lane keep assist, front pedestrian alert, automatic braking, rear cross traffic alert, blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, and automatic park assist.

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The 2016 Suburban: Technology Meets Safety

2016 Chevy Suburban at Les Stanford ChevroletThe Suburban is a full size vehicle from Chevrolet. It is commonly considered one of Chevrolet’s most popular vehicles.

The new Suburban comes equipped with many new features. The new driver alert package comes with power adjustable pedals. Also the Sudan has a forward collision alert feature. The chances of having an accident is greatly reduced while using forward collision alert.

The safety alert seats in the new Suburban is also a handy feature. It is apparent safety was a huge consideration in the Suburban. The IntellBeam headlamps gives drivers a very clear view of the road. Reducing visual issues related to darkness also limits the risk of an accident. Using the new IntellBeams allow drivers to enjoy comfortable cruising during darkness.

The luxurious Suburban has a host of new electronic interior features. The Suburban is equipped with the new version of Chevrolet Mylink. The Mylink comes with enhanced phone integration technology. The radio inside this vehicle is embedded with 4g LTE WiFi capability. The Suburban also comes with an enhanced information system. The system uses a multi-color display screen.

The full-size vehicle is capable of handling different types of landscape. The 5.3L V8 engine in the Suburban gives it a lot of power. The transmission is a six speed automatic. Speed is not a concern for this vehicle. The Suburban can go from 0 to 60 in only 9 seconds.

The Suburban is known for its heavy duty power. The new features available also makes this vehicle ideal for tech lovers. The speed in the Suburban makes it a desirable vehicle for truck lovers.

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Introducing the 2016 Cadillac Escalade

2016 Cadillac Escalade at Les Stanford CadillacConsidered one of the largest luxury SUVs available the 2016 Cadillac Escalade gets only a few changes this year. The complete overhaul for 2015 Escalade was a welcome change, this year the changes include an enhanced CUE infotainment interface, a front-view camera, and lane-departure prevention system. The exterior styling stays the same as the updated 2015 model. There are 4 trim levels this year, with the highest end  adding massage feature to the driver’s seat.

The Cadillac Escalade generates 420 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque from its 6.2  liter V8 engine and an eight-speed automatic transmission. The MPG is up to 15 city and 22 highway, which is mostly due to the V8’s ability of turning off 4 of its cylinders during gentler driving. The standard model 2016 Escalade includes magnetic adaptive suspension dampers for a smoother ride, 20 inch wheels, front and rear parking sensors to avoid any bumps, a heated power steering wheel, a hands-free power lift gate, power folding and driver side, keyless ignition and entry, remote start, automatic wipers,  tri-zone auto climate control, auto LED headlights, power adjustable pedals, and leather upholstery.

Like all it’s previous years, and since it’s inception in 1999, the Escalade stays true to it’s big Cadillac image. The balance of luxury, performance, and styling makes the Escalade stand out from similar vehicles like Lincoln Navigator. The 3 rows of seats, although the 3rd row is mostly big enough for children, allows the Escalade to move 7 passengers.

The 2016 Cadillac Escalade is one you must check out if you’re in the market for luxury SUVs, and it stays a top pick amongst most of the publications. Les Stanford Cadillac has one waiting just for you!

What’s new with the Chevrolet SS?

2016 Chevy SS at Les Stanford ChevroletEver wish you could have a four door Camaro? If yes, the Chevrolet SS is the answer. This powerful four door sports car can be suitable for families and performance enthusiast. The V8 engine is standard on this car. The Chevy SS comes with up to 415 horsepower and a 6.2L engine. It is a new type of sports car. There is an option to get this car in a manual transition.

This car is very comfortable to ride around in. It is rear wheel drive, but handles really well in many different types of environments. The SS comes with adaptive suspension which helps keep the car under control at fast speeds. It also is comfortable for the daily commute. Only the best Brembo brakes are standard to help slow the car down urgently just like any other sports car. The lightweight of the car makes it run to fly around off ramps.

There is plenty of space between the front seats and rear seats. The interior is filled with quality materials that allow drivers to well like they are in a luxury vehicle.

The 2016 Chevy SS got a number of improvements from the last year. There is a new redesigned front bumper to make the car look sharp. LED lights that are stronger and last longer have been added as defaults. The Chevrolet SS now comes with 19-inch rims. They look stylish and help improve handling. Variable exhaust comes as a standard option.

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The 2016 Cadillac CT6: a Mid-Sized Luxury Sedan to Behold

2016 Cadillac CT6 at Les Stanford CadillacThe 2016 CT6 is a Sedan made by Cadillac. The base model has a 2.0 liter 265 horsepower turbo engine. And it’s designed to compete with your average BMW 3 series or other luxury style vehicles. These days a lot of people are interested in domestic automakers and Cadillac is one of the best. The Cadillac CT6 is not your usual giant “boat” of a Luxury car, but it’s not tiny either. It actually sits somewhere in the middle. You won’t feel like a tank driving this car, but you certainly won’t be scrunched up to your knees with a lack of space either. Bumping up the spec range you can get a bigger 3.0 Liter Twin Turbo V8 engine.

The car weighs in at just shy of 4400 lbs and an improved suspension system making the handling stiffer. This is a huge advantage in both safety and pleasurable driving experience. The Interior is a beautifully designed set up. Everything is well implemented, all your vital information is right where it needs to be. There’s more legroom on this model than other cars in its class, leading to a much more comfortable ride overall. The console has a luxurious feel with many great features.

This is definitely a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a mid-sized luxury sedan. With four doors, all-wheel drive and multiple engine options, it can’t be beaten! Check it out for yourself at Les Stanford Cadillac!

The 2016 Chevrolet Impala Stands Out from the Crowd

2016 Chevy Impala at Les Stanford ChevroletThe stylish 2016 Chevrolet Impala is a sporty sedan with the latest technology.  Chevrolet has redesigned the exterior with a new dramatic look.  With an abundant interior, the Impala has room for five adults comfortably.   The Impala‘s high-quality interior feels more like a high price luxury car.  New for 2016, the MyLink interface offers Apple CarPlay to hear your favorite tunes.  The front-wheel drive Impala is highly rated for its performance and handling on the road.

There are three trim options to choose-the LS, the LT, and the LTZ.  The LS trim comes with a four-cylinder for fuel economy.  The interior of the LS features a power driver seat, Bluetooth, automatic headlamps, CD, and satellite radio.  The LT trim has more upgrades including dual-zone automatic climate control and a multifunctional Chevrolet MyLink interface.  Heated mirrors and alloy wheels are also standard with the LT trim.  The LTZ includes all these options, plus a leather interior.

The LT and the LTZ have a few packages to choose from with additional features.  A navigation package is offered with keyless ignition.  The advanced safety package has blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, forward collision alert and rear cross-traffic alert.  The audio and sport wheel package includes an 11-speaker Bose sound system and 19-inch wheels.  A convenience package features a rear view camera, auto-dimming rear view mirror, a universal garage door opener and remote start.  Suede-like upholstery and heated front seats are available with the premium seating package.

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Get Behind the Wheel of a 2016 Cadillac CTS

2016 Cadillac CTS at Les Stanford CadillacThe 2016 Cadillac CTS Sedan continues to improve the already very good car that was introduced in 2003. Refinements have continued, and Car and Driver calls it “simply the bet car to drive in its class.” Even though it is a luxury car, it is still sporty and rivals many other cars of this type that claim to be a sports vehicle.

The base engine of the 2016 CTS Sedan is a four cylinder plant with 268 horsepower. A V6 with 335 horsepower, or a 420 horsepower turbo are also options to consider. The transmission has also been upgraded from six to eight speeds as standard equipment. This makes a great handling car even quicker and more responsive, as well as helping out with fuel economy. The car gets between 21 and 29 miles per gallon, and is peppy with a 5.8 second zero to 60 rating. With a 19 gallon tank, you an go about 400 miles on a single fill up.

The 2016 CTS has a standard rear view camera to make backing easier. The sound system is also upgraded with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, so you can easily bring your own music to your drive. The interior is basic black trim, but there is a leather seat package, also black with red trim. Also new this year is a magnetic ride control suspension system that makes a good handling car even better as it adjusts to the road up to 1,000 times per second.

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The 2016 Tahoe: Come Experience the Safety

2016 Chevy Tahoe at Les Stanford ChevroletClear back in 1996, Motor Trend named the Tahoe its truck of the year. The 2016 Tahoe continues that strong reputation. Buyers looking for a full-size SUV need to consider this vehicle first.

Safety has always been very important to the designers of the Chevy Tahoe and it is no different with this new model year. The 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe contains over 27 safety features designed to keep every one safe when riding in this vehicle. These features include a vibrating driver’s seat if danger is imminent. This is particularly a great asset when you consider that things can happen very quickly in the driver’s blind spot. The National Highway Safety Administration gave this vehicle five stars in both the frontal crash and the side crash categories.

Riding in the Tahoe need not be boring, as the entertainment system in the vehicle has been greatly upgraded. The rear entertainment system has seen a complete makeover allowing it to become much more user friendly. Additionally, the front display is clearer and brighter allowing drivers to see important information at a glance.

This vehicle is powered by a 5.3 liter V8 engine and a six speed automatic transmission. It will go from 0 to 60 in nine seconds.

The Chevy Tahoe has the power to get you where you want to go while providing the agility that drivers expect from Tahoe and other Chevrolet products. Check it out for yourself at Les Stanford Chevrolet!

Cadillac ATS: The Epitome of Compact Luxury

2016 Cadillac ATS Sedan at Les Stanford CadillacThe ATS is designed and manufactured by Cadillac. The Cadillac ATS is a four-door luxury sedan with room for five passengers. One big change is that of the transmission. The former ATS models came with a 6-speed 6L45 automatic transmission. The new models now have an 8-speed 8L45 automatic transmission. The 3.6L LFX V6 has also been replaced by the new generation 3.6L LGX V6. This gives the ATS the power to keep itself going with either the rear-wheel drive or all wheel drive options. Tie all of that in with 202 horsepower. If that doesn’t do the trick, the turbocharged version can be upped to 272 horsepower.

The ATS is not just a regular sedan. It is a luxury owner’s dream. With a compact sedan body, it makes owning a luxury car so much simpler than most can imagine. No longer is there worrying about a bulky body making urban street parking difficult. No more does one have to worry about a compact luxury car being cramped with two doors. Space and utility is what gives the Cadillac ATS the edge over competitors.

There is more than enough to pique interest about this vehicle. Found in the interior is upholstery of the smoothest leather and the shiniest wood grain trims. The intricate details were obviously well thought of. Those details spell perfection for the Cadillac ATS. Add on keyless entry and premium audio from Bose and the ATS can’t be beat. Other options include wireless charging devices and a rear vision camera. Those small add-ons bring the ATS to the standard expected from a Cadillac yet all within an easy to maneuver compact size.

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