2013 Cadillac XTS: The Future of Luxury

2013 Cadillac XTS at Les Stanford CadillacWith a long running reputation in the automobile industry for luxury and performance, Cadillac provides drivers innovation that is ahead of its time.  It is the investment that Cadillac has put into their innovation and technology that gives drivers one of the smoothest and most comfortable rides in its class.  This blend of innovation and luxury are perfectly displayed in the XTS.

The CUE driver interface boldly displays everything you need on a bright LED screen in the center of the dashboard.  Adjust the climate control, get directions on the navigation screen, check today’s weather or even access a near unlimited amount of music through Pandora all on one screen.  If you ever need assistance, OnStar is also just the push of a button away.  Swipe through menus with the ease of a tablet, utilizing many of the same commands.  Spread your fingers to zoom in on the map or swipe to change songs.  Furthermore, voice activation allows drivers to access the menu with ease, and without ever having to take your hands off of the wheel.

Safety innovation is also something that Cadillac takes an immense amount of pride in.  Protecting drivers doesn’t just mean if they are in an accident, but also by trying to prevent accidents in the first place.  The XTS has adaptive forward lighting adjusts to the speed and steering of the car, angling to give the driver optimal viewing at all times when driving at night.  If there is an accident, the 10 standard airbags are sure to protect everyone in the car as much as possible.

Style and luxury are staples in the Cadillac line of cars.  The XTS is no exception as it brings innovation in every area, from design to safety, that is sure to exhilarate drivers.  Get yours at Les Stanford Cadillac!

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