The Strong, Durable, and Luxurious 2014 Cadillac SRX

2014 SRX Crossover at Les Stanford CadillacOne of the best luxury crossover SUVs on the market is the 2014 Cadillac SRX. The 3.6 L V6 engine comes with a 6-speed automatic transmission and a respectable fuel economy rating of 24 MPG highway/17 MPG city. The front-wheel drive base model can go from 0-60 in 7 seconds, thanks to the 308 horsepower under the hood.

The exterior is just what you would expect from a Cadillac with a sleek body and 18-inch alloy wheels. Safety features such as front and rear parking sensors come standard on all trims, and the Luxury model includes rear-view cameras and blind-spot monitoring. Inside, comfort and convenience are the dual themes in the SRX. Comfort because of the 8-way drivers seat, dual zone climate control, and cargo lights, and convenience because of the CUE interface, which does away with most of the buttons and knobs in puts an 8-inch touchscreen in their place. This interface lets you control your satellite radio, the SRX‘s 8-speaker sound system, your phone, the climate control, and your navigation system should you choose one. It recognizes simple taps and swipes, making it easy to use.

Speaking of navigation, if you add a navigation system, you’ll never get lost or run out of gas again, thanks to the internal compass, a trip computer, a low-fuel detector, and roadside assistance thanks to OnStar.

Feel the luxury of the SRX. Test drive one today at Les Stanford Cadillac!

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Experience A Whole New Way of Driving with the 2014 Chevy Volt

2014 Chevy Volt at Les Stanford ChevroletThe 2014 Chevrolet Volt is the new hybrid car that gives you the best of electric and gasoline-powered drivetrain. What is great about this dual mode car is that after running in pure electronic mode for 40 miles, the car will switch to running on fuel so there is no need to worry about your vehicle leaving you stranded after the battery dies. The 2014 Volt gives you an impressive total of 98 miles per gallon with an estimated range increased to 380 miles.

Chevy has equipped the Volt with all of the latest technology and features that add quality and comfort that will enhance your driving experience like 7” LCD touch screen display and OnStar Remote Link.

The quiet power of the Volt provides good handling and a smooth ride without the revving noises and the gearshifts that we are used to. Even when the gas power kicks on, the engine does not rev anywhere relative to the road speed. The electric power steering is also pretty responsive and gives you a nice sense of control when driving or parking the vehicle.

The 2014 Chevy Volt now introduces 4 operating modes. Normal is for daily driving, Sport provides direct accelerator response, Mountain mode is for navigating steep slopes, and Hold runs only on the gas in order to conserve battery charge. Hold mode was added to this year’s Volt, thereby making this car truly efficient and a total winner.

Get into a Volt of your own! Les Stanford Chevrolet has one waiting just for you!

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Get Behind the Wheel of a Full Size 2014 Impala

2014 Chevy Impala at Les Stanford ChevroletThe new Chevy Impala has a lot of car buyers talking about its exclusive features.  People will undoubtedly appreciate the sheer simplicity of the model, but it does include plenty of luxury amenities as well.  It was recently rated as the Highest Ranked Car In Initial Quality, which speaks to the total package offered by the 2014 Impala.  Most consumers will appreciate how the 2014 Impala can make it easier than ever to enjoy reliability and comfort in a stylish package.

Despite the fact that it is a luxury sedan, it does have some highly functional features for people to consider.  It will incorporate around 18.8 cubic feet within the vehicle, making it easy to bring along all kinds of gear.  The engine can also produce an impressive 305 horsepower, which will allow drivers to get plenty of acceleration over time as well.  This is part of the appeal of these vehicles, since they tend to also feature an impressive aerodynamic design to them as well.

Luxury is waiting for you in an Impala from Les Stanford Chevrolet! Get yours today!

Every Impala will be backed by a factory warranty and 27 point inspection conducted by the manufacturer.  This model has become one of the most popular available under the Chevy brand name, which will add to the overall experience that people may be able to get.  The developers behind the Impala brand have continued to improve on the safety features that people tend to get along the way.  This should give consumers the confidence that they need to boost their results in just a short amount of time.

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The Cadillac XTS 2014: Standard of the Future

2014 XTS at Les Stanford CadillacFor many years, Cadillac was the self-proclaimed “Standard of the World,” and with the XTS, they have taken another step forward in proving they are worth all the talk.  The XTS aims at a younger audience, replacing the DTS with a sleeker, smaller design, bridging the gap between a mid and full-sized luxury sedan.  It is a true testament to the Cadillac brand, nostalgic in its design, and legendary commitment to luxury, yet technologically innovative, a trend motor vehicle industry is chasing.

The Cadillac XTS offers a superior balance between comfort and control.  The Magnetic Ride Control suspension, soaks up bumps, and adjusts flawlessly to varying road conditions.  Along with a quiet-well insulated cabin, the XTS is one of the quietest, smoothest rides of 2014.

Cadillac answered the public cry for more horsepower when the 2013 XTS was released.  Packed with a twin-turbocharged V6, and 410 horsepower, the XTS packs a punch.  They delivered.  The XTS comes standard with all-wheel-drive(AWD).

The 2014 XTS’s true innovation lies in its onboard infotainment system, CUE.  Debuted in 2013, CUE has revolutionized the way the world approaches onboard technology.  The center console is modeled after the application layout of the iPhone, iPad, and Android phones.  The screen is enabled with the same multi-touch features as in an iPad.  The control center is in every way a game changer.

Get behind the wheel of an XTS today!  Les Stanford Cadillac has one waiting just for you!

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Speed and Style – Ride to Impress in the New Chevy Camaro

2014 Chevy Camaro at Les Stanford ChevroletThe new 2014 Chevrolet Camaro has many looks to offer any member of the family. From the basic coupe model to feeling the wind in your hair in the convertible, the Camaro also offers speedier models like the ZL1 and Z/28 to really get your juices pumping. The sleek style perfectly bonds with the higher speeds to enhance performance.

Starting at 323 horsepower for the basic model, the ZL1 bumps up the power with its 580 horsepower V8 engine to get you from 0 to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds. With an amazing 481 pounds of torque, the Z/28 holds a 7L engine with enhanced aerodynamic features built for any track. With 30 mpg on the highway and 19 mpg in the city,  the Camaro is fuel efficient.  Responsive to your touch, the 4 wheel independent suspension allows you to hug each and every curve smoothly. The ZL1 convertible edition had 556 pounds of torque and 580 horse power to help you get from 0 to 60 mpg in 4.1 seconds as you feel the breeze blowing on your face.

Remote vehicle start,  a rear vision package, and a leather wrapped steering wheel add luxury and convenience to your ride. Rated 9.2 out of 10 by KBB consumer reviews, the 2014 Chevy Camaro holds all the sleek style of a next generation automobile with the enhanced added features of a classic American muscle car.

Ready to feel the Camaro’s power for yourself? Test drive one today at Les Stanford Chevrolet!

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Experience Luxury and Style Through the Windows of an Escalade

2014 escalade at les stanford cadillacIf you are looking for luxury in an SUV, look no further than the 2014 Cadillac Escalade. With the highest quality ranking from JDPowers, the 2014 Escalade will not disappoint. The 6.2L V8 engine is combined with a 6 speed automatic transmission to get 18 mpg highway and 14 mpg in the city. With 403 horsepower, the Escalade can get from 0 to 60 mph in 6.8 seconds. With enhanced technological features such as the rear vision camera and navigation, the Escalade practically drives itself.

The sleek exterior is classic to the Cadillac name, while the extra bright LED headlamps increase both the style of the car and safety of nighttime driving. The bold look is further enhanced externally with the 22″ multi-spoke chromed aluminum wheels. Inside, a heated steering wheel makes driving cozier on a cold day. The tri-zone climate control allows the driver and passengers to set their own individual comfort zones. With a 14 way power adjustable heated and cooling seat system, you can be assured that each ride in the 2014 Escalade will be luxurious, comfortable, and stylish.

You will never again get lost with the Escalade‘s navigation system, conveniently located on an 8-inch touchscreen. For added convenience, you will also have access to real time weather on your screen. Rear seat entertainment ensures a fun drive for kids.

Make every trip memorable and every ride worth it in the new 2014 Escalade. Get yours at Les Stanford Cadillac!

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Five-Star 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 Pick Up

2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 at Les Stanford ChevroletThe 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 is a highly rated commendable pick up truck. Holding the title of the most fuel efficient V8 pick up available, the Chevy Silverado offers 23mpg highway and 18mpg city. This exceptional truck didn’t give up it’s power and torch for it’s outstanding fuel efficiency though, as it’s 4.3L EcoTec3 V6 offers 285 horsepower and 305 lb-ft of torque ranks it as having the most torque of any other standard V6 in its class as well.

The 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 pick up proves to be just as tough engineered as it is to beat on the charts. Yes, This truck holds a title in it’s strength too. The heavyweight built Slilverado 1500 has a class-leading trailering capacity of a whopping 12,000 pounds. Tough yet ostentatious and cozy, this pick up also offers flashy interior and ample space. This edition has rubberized-vinyl floor covering, a front seat center fold-down armrest as well as a rear seat folding bench, and it’s redesigned seating allows for more rear space. Both the new shear-style mounts in the front of the Silverado and the new hydraulic mounts in the rear work together to create a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Durability is something Chevy sure didn’t miss either. They’ve made many changes, such as upgrading the rotors. Their new Duralife brake rotors have been hardened with an exclusive GM-patented process that provides long-lasting stopping power. These new rotors can last up to twice as long as your traditional rotors.

The 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 is the first pick up to receive an overall 5-Star rating. This truck is also loaded with modern technology for entertainment and convenience. This superior truck most certainly aims to please all around with it’s favorable features and exceptional quality.

Get yourself a powerful pick up today. A Silverado is waiting for you at Les Stanford Chevrolet!

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The 2014 Cadillac ATS: When Classical and Modern Design Collide

2014 ATS at Les Stanford CadillacThe 2014 Cadillac ATS won the award for North American Car of the Year. Its release was highly anticipated by car enthusiasts, particularly those who favor the newer editions of the Cadillac line. This car has received such immense popularity for good reason. It is a true testament, in both appearance and in performance.

The 2014 model of ATS is host to an improved interior, such as carbon fiber trim. The seats are comfortable and well adjusted, the trunk has decent space to it, and the front seats are quite spacious. The features of the ATS include a touch interface for the wheel’s center stack, touch pads replacing all buttons, even for the air conditioning and radio. A benefit includes seat heaters, which is practically mandatory for luxury vehicles, such as the modern Cadillac.

Besides being a luxury vehicle, the ATS is really all about the driving experience. There is a four cylinder available, but one of the more common models has to be the V6, which has a 3.6 litre, complete with 321 horsepower. Currently, the 6-speed automatic is available. An 8-speed automatic has also been debuted, which may show improvement in the shift response of the ATS. Some notable parts that the 2014 Cadillac ATS comes with include Brembo breaks on the front, which are world renown for their short stopping time, and a nicely tuned pedal that is not too sensitive but comfortable to use.

Feel the ATS’ luxury for yourself with a test drive at Les Stanford Cadillac!

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The 2014 Malibu with Plentiful Options Resemble a Customized Car Experience

2014 Chevy Malibu at Les Stanford ChevroletThe 2014 Malibu delivers a smooth ride, while its 197 horsepower dual engine with an overhead cam delivers power.  The interior has increased legroom in the back seat, and the trunk offers over 16 cubic feet of storage space.  The fuel-efficient Malibu seats five people making it an ideal family car. The newly styled front end accompanied by its 16-inch alloy wheels lends the car a look of upper class elegance.  The car also received outstanding crash test scores.

On the most basic model, the interior has a luxurious vibe and a center console with storage space.  There is also storage space behind the flip-folding touch screen radio.  In the comfortable cabin, outside noise is virtually unheard.  The car is equipped with a gas-saving start and stop system that shuts the motor off when it stops and automatically starts when the brake is released.  A variety of colors, along with standard features such as antilock brakes, automatic headlights, cruise and traction control adds to its appeal.

One of the cars greatest assets is the infinite number of extra options available.  The opportunity exists for people to customize the 2014 Malibu with their favorite features. Some of the extra options include heated mirrors, keyless entry/ignition, collision warning, Xenon headlights, lane departure warning, navigation system, blind spot monitoring, rearview camera, 120-volt power outlet, and a turbo charged engine. Add fog lights and satellite radio with additional speakers to the mix.

Ready for a Malibu of your own?  Get yours today at Les Stanford Chevrolet!

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2014 Traverse -The Best SUV Around

2014 Chevy Traverse at Les Stanford ChevroletIf you are looking for a large family vehicle but do not want a minivan, than you might want to check out the 2014 Chevrolet Traverse.  This vehicle will comfortably seat 8 passengers and has 4 doors easier access to get in and out of the vehicle. The 2014 Traverse comes with two front bucket seats and the second row has the option of a bench seat or captain chairs. The benches are 60/40 split benches.

You will find that the 2014 Traverse is great for hauling many things. When the back rows are folded down you will then have 117.5 cubic feet of space to place items in. This vehicle is also capable of towing up to 5,200 pounds.

The 2014 is available in four different models and a variety of colors to choose from. All models comes with a rear view camera to help in backing up, hill street assist which is great for when you are on a steep hill and parking sensors.

The front is equipped with a front center side airbag. There are also head curtain airbags installed in the Traverse. The Chevrolet MyLink system is installed in all models.

Front wheel or all-wheel drive are available on the Traverse.  The Traverse has a V6, 3.6 liter direct injection for good handling and smooth driving.

The 2014 Traverse is all you will ever need in a family vehicle.  Get yours at Les Stanford Chevrolet today!

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